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Struggles Bollywood celebs went through to shoot their movies!


After the screening of this movie, it received many positive reactions and praise from the audience and critics for the movie itself and also for the impeccable performance of Alia Bhatt. 'Highway' is the story of an industrialist's daughter who was played by Alia Bhatt and who is kidnapped during a gas-station robbery. The movie managed to earn ₹600 million at the box office which was quite good considering the ₹300 million budget of the movie! The process of creating the movie was not an easy ride.

Alia Bhatt opened up about the difficulties she faced saying: “We kept shooting like nomads. We were on the road in a truck and we would just stop where we saw good locations and just shoot if the light was great. It was a guerrilla way of shooting and I had to pee in public places! I would pee on the roads and joke that people will only get to see my back.” However, despite that, she gained the praise of so many critics. Parmita Uniyal for Hindustan Times has written: “Alia Bhatt is still a 'student' in Bollywood, but can give a lesson or two to many. A natural performer, she nails it in a couple of scenes.”

Can you guess what the NEXT movie is!?

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