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Is this a man or a woman? The answer reveals a lot!

At least once a month, the users of the Network are carried away by a frenzy related to some other content that appears in their infinities. Regardless of their age, place of birth and residence, economic level or social position, all end up seeing, commenting and sending it to their close ones and the article ends up being shared by millions of people. Thanks to your interest in test, we know a lot better what can actually grab your attention more than other things.
We bet that you also know some examples of them…

Is this a man or a woman? The answer reveals a lot! 1

One of the most recent is the issue that had to do with a simple dress. As common as the garment, at first sight, seemed, the internet users took very little time to start discussing their ... color. While one group responded "black and blue", others saw it "white and gold." Although the question was quickly explained by scientists, it continues to raise a fuss. Just look at the gif below and try to guess what is happening to the color of this dress!

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All thanks to the particular capabilities of the view of each of the observers. Very often, what comes into play is also the perspective: although a lot of people do not realize that the plastic cup that can be seen in the gif below is simply a drawing made in 3D technique, many others can boast of an astonishing insight, capable of helping them discover the truth. Do you think this example is so obvious? If so, you will like the following…

What we want to ask you in this article is the following, 'What is the first thing you see when you take a look at the drawing below?' Is it the face of a man, or that of a woman? Your answer may reveal some information about your character and personality. If you want to know yourself a little better, do not hesitate to check it out and share this little test with your relatives. Keep reading and get familiar with both answers. Remember that none of them can be wrong!

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Is this a man or a woman? The answer reveals a lot! 4


If what you saw at first was the face of a woman, congratulations. It seems that you know very well how to think in an abstract, general and theoretical way: you like to see the total image of things, and you do not need to investigate the details. Although you do not usually get carried away by emotions, when something affects you, it's hard for you to forget or ignore it. While you appreciate the amenities and work very hard to be able to afford them, you do not need much to be happy and you appreciate the effort of others.


In relationships with other people, as in love, you never forgive those who deceive you. As a couple and in life, you are characterized by great nobility and generosity, although you do not usually surround yourself with too many friends. When you suffer, you allow the pain to take hold of you completely and take time to return to normal life. Your neighbors value you for maintaining temperance at all times and being able to find the solution to any problems.

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If you are one of those who saw the face of a man in the image in question, you have many reasons to feel lucky. Let's be honest: you are a precise, meticulous and precise person. You have a good memory and you remember even the most insignificant events of your life. We bet that you stand out for being an open and extroverted being, and for a luck of the "sixth sense" that often helps you to get out of trouble and to know the truth about other people. You are the soul of the party and everyone likes you.


Although your serenity and optimism make you a good partner, you do not trust most of your acquaintances. As much as it is very easy to hurt you, you forgive the damage quickly, even when it really affects you. It gives you great advice and comfort to your loved ones, but at the same time, you need a push to get you to act. Remember that these test cannot precisely talk about your personality. You might even find some of the answers totally wrong but some also are unbelievably accurate! This is as accurate as it can get!

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Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta 11/11/17, 7:06 AM
This is not a man or woman this is a drawing
Yamaraja Kasinadar
Yamaraja Kasinadar 11/9/17, 7:06 AM
both a man and woman
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