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Discover what the shape of your hand says about your personality


If you've thick and strong thumbs it's more likely it's from your parents. You have a concept of money that is very real or practical. You won't burn cash on the things that are and expensive, for example, fancy food and clothes, which you think are not viable in your eyes. You've extremely straightforward requests and you're very logical and make sure to keep your promises.
If you've thumbs that are thin, flat, irregular-shaped and flexible, you have the personality inverse to the one with thick and strong thumbs. You don't care for the logics instead you're more into fast and easy life. You get restless very easily, lacks patience and regularly looks for FUN.

If you've long thumbs, then you'll have an easy going fortune, quick progress, and solid body during youth with a lot of love and care from the elder. You're very confident regarding your career, and desires for the best quality love and life.
If you've shorter thumbs, you're most likely to depend on your own efforts, you're very practical or real when it comes to profession life and you develop from nothing and does not flaunt your riches.

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Index Finger

Your index finger shows your yearning for control, power, and endeavor. If you've longer forefingers, then you're unstoppable, forceful and goal-oriented and it is less demanding for them to be in power. In the event that the forefinger is the length of the center finger, it means that you're tough, pushing and pompous. You'll have a tendency to procure easily and spend excessively, so it is troublesome for you to spare cash. So, you've to control your waste, yearning and utilization habits.

If you've longer forefingers, for the most part, you'll have higher expectations and a strong yearning for power. You're venturesome and great at flaunting in social relations, so you usually have a great interpersonal relationship and is attached to controlling others. Likewise, you also have solid administration capability and will burn through cash for the one they adore.
If you've shorter pointers then you're generally very desirous and not easily persuaded by the one stronger than you, so you're resolved to outperform your opponent. Once in a while, you experience the ill effects of hardships in work yet you are very approachable in affection.
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Middle Finger

Being the longest finger, the center finger is an indication of your predetermination; the more round, straight and long, the better. The center finger shows the great destiny and the positive outcome in vocation, riches, and marriage. If the center finger is too short, diagonal and inclines to the pointer, it demonstrates that you're diligent in work. If the center finger inclines to the ring finger, it shows that you're fixated in a family. If the center finger is unevenly thick, it proposes that you may lack patience and is impulsive. You'll also need to get your feelings under control, or else you'll easily be able to do things and then it'll be too late to regret.

If the center finger is clearly longer than the rest of the fingers, it means that you'll have a flourishing business and riches and healthy body during middle age.
If the center finger is generally short and nearly the length of the rest of your fingers, it means that you're anxious in work and can't be insisted upon once you see no hope in it, so you frequently make a change. Most of the time people of this kind has a stable fortune. You may have a tendency to be caught in love and not think about the signs of trouble since you're in too much love.
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Ring Finger

The ring finger signifies your lover and family ties. If your ring finger inclines to the center finger, it shows that you're responsible for the family and pays a great deal to them. If the ring finger inclines to the pinky, it may be that you pay a ton to the kids.
If the ring finger is the length of the center finger, it is an indication of adoration for gambling. You may be constantly filled with excitement on listening to mahjong, horse hustling and card playing or anything that involves betting. With a strong feeling of winning and losing, you tend to incline towards the highly theoretical financing strategies and is over the moon to take part in investment businesses like stocks and real estate, even if you may not be absolutely certain. Under extreme circumstances, you'll lose the entire property and burn up all available funds.

If you have a moderately long ring finger, you usually have interesting bits of knowledge on vocation and independent plans of work. You tend to execute the plan one step at a time and it's often impossible that you'll be influenced by external factors. However, you also have a solid sense of style and a lot of feelings concerning love.
If you've shorter ring fingers, you're constantly individualized. You like to be very grounded and stable instead of going after what is outside your ability to reach, or guessing and taking risks. Concerning love, you have the tendency to consider more about the practicality, so their love is, for the most part, steady and their riches won't change drastically.
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Little Finger

The pinky signifies kids and the more young era. If your pinky is very short and out of shape like bent, it is an indication of powerless or weak kids and you need to stress over the kids as opposed to being proud of them.
Furthermore, the pinky signifies intelligence, expressiveness, and workmanship, and it's regularly called the second thumb by physiognomists. Nearly with no special case, the pinkies of numerous successful individuals are longer than their principal knuckle line of their ring fingers. If you have long, straight and round pinkies, you often have exceptionally high work capacity and social skills. If your pinky is bent and much lower compared to the first knuckle line of the ring finger, it means that you'll most probably not make any accomplishments in fortune or fund.

A generally long pinky is an indication of solid perception, incredible expressiveness, forceful profession, and solid ambitions in love, smooth fortune and a sound body in the old age.
If you have a generally short pinky, you have a tendency to be straight and clear. You're very honest and hates to mess around at work, so they have stable riches. In spite of the fact that they experience passionate feelings deeply, they are bad at verbal expression but is very thoughtful towards their close and loved ones.
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