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8 Types of pain linked to your emotional states...

We have already talked about how much the heartbreak can affect your physical pain. Based on a study, when someone is looking at the picture of their ex, their mind has similar patterns as someone experiencing the actual pain! We have all heard of an old, loving couple that died after one party died due natural cause. Your chances of having a heart attack increase by 6 times in the first week of bereavement. The condition is known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, broken heart syndrome, is a condition in which your heart muscles suddenly weaken and become stunned.

According to Harvard Medical School, fight-or-flight is a combination of reactions to stress. And it can be harmful to your body when you don’t need the reactions that your body is producing. If you have a broken heart, your immune system weakens and you will be more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Another consequence of these reactions could be having sore and swollen muscles! It is caused by the cortisol being produced in your body but your muscles not being ready for it. There are so many other pains linked to your emotional state and we will give you the list today.

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What we need to know is that every part of our body is connected to the other one so the pain of one will affect the other one and sometimes this happens quite severely. The pain you might feel in your head might not be a chronic illness or a migraine! It can simply be caused by the stress you have been under in that particular day. You need to relax and let your mind be at ease. The life is taking a toll on you so take a minute or two to calm the nerves down or you would have a mental breakdown!


Neck pain can be caused by so many reasons and it might even affect your arm. It could be because of the way you sit. The position you fell asleep and a lot more but emotions can affect it big time as well! This might sound a bit weird but when you are feeling the pain in your neck, you might have been feeling hostile toward someone for so long! If you have troubles forgiving yourself or others, this pain is quite common. Start thinking about the things you love about those people and change your own perspective.

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As we have mentioned in the neck pain section, the pain you might feel in your shoulder or sometimes even in your hands can be caused by the pain that roots from your neck. It can also be due to carrying heaven weight for so long. Or leaning on one shoulder more than the other and it is pretty much the same thing with the emotions. When you have been shouldering many problems for so long, you constantly feel tired and exhausted and your shoulders hurt so much.


The pain in your back can also be due to the position that you fell asleep in. or the way you sit all the time, leaning toward one side more than the other. And a lot more reasons. It can also be because of the S like spine but your emotional state also plays an important part in it! Depending on whether you are experiencing the pain in the upper part of your back or the lower part, your emotional state differs. The pain of the upper part of your back means...

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The upper back pain means you do not have enough emotional support. You are handling it all on your own and there is no one who can fulfill this part of your need. You feel like you are not wanted and not desired by anyone. In case you are single, maybe it is the right time for you to start going on some dates! The lower part pain could be you worrying about money too much! It is time for some savings or you can also ask for a raise.


The ones that work with the computer so much and they have a sedentary job might have experienced this pain and it might just be because of the position they are located and they weight they need to handle. However, emotion-wise, things might be a little bit different! The stiff arm can be because you are not much flexible in your personal life and it is the time for you to let go of some things for a change.

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Most of the pains on this list can be caused by many everyday habits and hands pain is no exception. To talk about this pain emotional wise, things might differ only a bit. Think about hands, what crosses your mind when you think of your hand?! It might be reaching out for something. Reaching out for friends and new people maybe?! Try to risk it and go out with people you may not know. Participate in new events and parties without knowing anyone. Risk it all to find new people.

Hips and Knees

If you are experiencing pain in your hips then it means that you are too scared to move! The pain in the hips is the signs of resistance. It might be because you are too cautious and/or too scared to make a move. Whatever it is, you need to work your way through it. The knee pain, on the other hand, means that you are thinking way too much about yourself and nothing else! Why don’t you start volunteering?! That might help with your pain and make a huge impact on your life!

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