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Harshest statements made on Koffee with Karan!

All of us Indians know about the talk show that has been going on for a while now called Koffee with Karan hosted by everyone’s favorite artist, Karan Johar! The show is quite popular for the statements that the stars make in the show and how witty it is. In 2004, we were blessed by the start of the show and it also brought huge success. The show had its own share of controversies lately when Kangana Ranaut was the guest on the show and then the clap backs continued. In this article, we are going to mention some of the meanest and most offensive statements that were made on Koffee with Karan.


Kajol is known for the cute and naughty character she mostly plays and is also loved by so many Bollywood fans. When Shah Rukh Khan joins this beauty, everything becomes even more hilarious than before! Remember that one time Karan asked: “What do Actress’s mean when they say the following ‘I don’t have time for love, I am too busy with my career’”, to which she answered: “ They’re doing everybody!” Well, she was supposed to answer the fastest and she did quite a great job!

The NEXT star was going to protest against the show!

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor was one of the people who commented fearlessly about the show saying: “You know Karan so well and he makes you so comfortable and you are chatting with him and you don't realise there are a billion people taking every word of yours seriously and that you are going to get screwed for it later. I am tired of Koffee with Karan. I was forced to do this season. I told Karan I don't want to come in and I and Anushka were actually going to protest and get the film industry together to stop this because it's not fair. He is making money out of us. We come and we get screwed through the year. It's not right.”

Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta is a beauty queen who was crowned Miss Intercontinental 1997 and Miss Universe 2000. She won many awards including Filmfare Best Female Debut Award. And we all remember those few times when Lara Dutta started throwing shades! When Karan asked: “When an actress claims that she is a virgin, what do you think?”, she said: “Yes, right!” and that other time when she was asked to comment on “What do actresses really mean when they say the following: I’m a virgin”, to which she replied: “When was that, when you were 14?”

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Sanjay Dutt

The drama of Kangana will never end. It all started with her and the roles she played then the abusive relationship, silly ex and now, we have one of the stars making a pretty harsh statement on Koffee with Karan about her! To be fair, Karan is the one to blame for most of these statements that were made! When Sanjay Dutt was asked by Karan: “If you woke up one morning as Kangana, what would you do?”, he answered: “Wear a salwar kameez.”

Emraan Hashmi

Then again another mean statement was made by another actor and of course, it was brought up by Karan again! When Emraan Hashmi was on the show, he was asked “If you were to enter Kangana’s room, what would you find?” to which he answered: “A dictionary”! This was not the first time the comments were made on the show about how poor Kangana’s English is, or to be more precise, was! Karan also made a statement which Kangana brought up when it was her turn on the show.

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Kangana Ranaut

And finally, the pay-back time had arrived for Kangana when she was on the show. Among one of the fiercest comments that she has ever made, you can find this one that happened on Koffee With Karan as one of the boldest as she left Karan speechless. She said: “Karan, you've been the driving force of my life, if it wasn't for all the rejections and mocking, I wouldn't have made it.” To which he replied: “I’m not sure if I mocked you!” but Kangana did not back down! “You've made fun of my English on this couch.”

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam is also one of the celebrities that is known for being bold and speaking her mind fearlessly and there were so many times that she got criticised for it but she never stops! Right when she got on Koffee with Karan, we knew that she would say something that could be the start of new controversies! When she was asked: “Does it bother you when they talk about other actresses more in acting department?” she answered: “Well, you know, the thing about this industry is if you’re not good looking, they think you’re a good actor! It’s true!”

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Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has also made many candid comments on this show one of which was when he was on the show with Deepika. When Karan shared what Deepika told him long ago saying: “I was talking to Deepika once and she said ‘I loved Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I saw it when I was 11.’ and I almost died. That means she must have been about 7 or 8 when she saw Dilwale, Shah Rukh”, to which Shah Rukh Khan replied: “Am I like child molesting in this film?!”

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra

Such a show when these two beauties were on it! The episode was on fire! They were called nuns for not opening up about their relationship! Karan said: “I am in conversation with Mother Padukone and Mother Chopra! I’m sure both of you have sinned, but nobody is saying anything!” to which Priyanka Chopra answered: “Nobody’s asking the right questions!” the conversation was carried out by Karan saying: “I’m asking, have you ever had a lesbian encounter?!” Deepika Padukone: “That’s not a sin!”

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