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The SCORPIO people and their close friends need to know these 9 things...

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign of the zodiac. It is the sign for people born between October 22 and November 20. It is known for being the most powerful of all symbols because it is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power. Those who belong to this sign are mysterious, determined and loyal individuals. In the present article, we will provide important data for you and facts about Scorpions. Tell us if you find it relatable.

1. Luck

The planets that command over the Scorpio are Mars and as we mentioned in the introduction, Pluto. Its colors of luck are the different shades of red and its stone is the Sanguinaria. The numbers that will favor them are 9, 18, 63, 72, 81, 27, 36, 45, 54, 90. And the ideal day of a week for them is Tuesday. If it does not coincide with your case, try to modify your preferences, maybe it works better than you expect...

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1. Luck 1

2. Nature

Scorpions value the truth about everything else and are not afraid to tell it in any situation in which they find themselves. But once you break their trust or damage them, they will not let you leave without having avenged themselves. Either they will love you deeply or they will hate you, without an intermediate point and depending on your behavior. They have great willpower and are mysterious. Great observers who can turn around any adverse stage they suffer…

3. Money and business

They are very strict and follow the rules devoutly. They will keep their subordinates in suspense and will always find the right motivation, for them to surrender is not an option. They are very determined and do not stop until they achieve their goals. They know and value the effort necessary to obtain economic stability, a factor that allows them to obtain what they want. They must be careful and not obsess over work because if something goes wrong, it is not the end of the world.

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3. Money and business

4. Friendships

Scorpions are reliable friends and expect the same from others. Once you have become accustomed to their "high intensity" style, you realize that they are tremendously loyal. They will not stop talking to you if they have enough confidence. They will always be there when their relatives need help. They are not very open to everyone, and prefer to have few friendships but true and safe. They will not forgive you easily if you fail them...

4. Friendships

5. Loving life, marriage

They are a very passionate symbol when it comes to feelings. They are experimental lovers and deliver 100% of themselves. On the other hand, they can become very possessive. They are looking for honest and intelligent partners with whom to live new experiences. Once they have fallen in love, there is no one who equals them in loyalty and commitment to the other. It can usually take time for them to open up and accept that someone enters their limits because they hate the pain of rejection…

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6. As parents

They conform as strict parents. For this reason, they usually do not show their affection and love to their children. They are primarily concerned with growing their children and educating them adequately, but their restrictions and dealings with a load of anxiety can stifle them. However, their decisions end up causing the best in the lives of their descendants. They must be careful and not get too far away with their hardness...

6. As parents

7. As mothers

A Scorpio mother has hard and soft feelings alike, a mixture that ends up being very healthy for infants. Sometimes they impose very strict rules, but at other times they allow their children to be freer and enjoy the outside world. Balance and variety are fundamental in life to learn from it, and this is what these mothers observe. There is a lot more to them than this. Do you find it relatable?

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8. Inside

They are unpredictable people. Their minds are stores of hermetic secrets. You will never know what they feel inside. And it is very difficult to read them because they are very mysterious and reserved. They will always leave you speculating about your true motivations. They are great observers, both mentally and physically. They will meditate so as not to repeat the same mistakes and little by little they will become wiser…

9. Strength and weaknesses

Their virtues include concentration, self-confidence, magnetism, honesty, and determination. Their weaknesses may be to a greater or lesser degree the impatience, the dominant behavior, the inability to forgive or forget, the lack of compassion and brutality. If they manage to focus on their positive traits, they will be much happier.

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9. Strength and weaknesses
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