Published 2016-12-11
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Angel trying to help a person caught in a picture

Do you believe in angels? There are a lot of people in this century who believe in angels and demons. This story will be very interesting for them but those who do not believe might start considering the presence of angels after reading it. Everybody has difficulties in their life but sometimes we might not have close family or friends to ask for help when we are in such hard life moments. There is a belief that some problems can be solved by taking the help of guardian angels. It might be true.... or not.....

It is 21st century and people now believe only in things that can be seen, but sometimes few things might be true even if they are not seen. For example, electricity cannot be seen by naked eyes but it does exist right? In the same way, few things cannot be seen but they still are present around us. It’s just important for us to find the clues that they leave behind. It might be an angel or demon...

We have found one such real story that can prove that such things which we cannot see are really present. In the United States of America, a mother named Natasha who lives in Washington DC has found something that might surprise you. While she was clicking a picture of her son Ryker, she found a grayish thigh flying just above him. She said it could have been a guardian angel that was flying beside him.

Her son Ryker and her husband Devin were spending time together beside the bonfire in their garden. So Natasha wanted to take a picture to memorize their happy days. When Natasha clicked a picture, she cited an entity flying above her son's head. She said that it was grayish white and it had wings on both left and right side.

The best part is that she also revealed that her son was given exorcism with holy water because he was facing a problem with bad entity named The Black. This happened to her son Ryker when he was 3 years old. Natasha believed that time that it was a guardian angel and she was also convinced that it was her dad flying around her son. Natasha’s father passed away few days before she cited this spirit in the picture.

Natasha had a strong feeling that it was her father Mike Decker’s spirit itself. She has spoken to few of her father's close friends and also spoke with the other family members about the sudden death of her father. All these people could't accept the fact that her father passed away and Natasha felt it was a sign - her father’s spirit was trying to protect the young boy by being with him.

Natasha used to work for the United States army and she had worked there for 21 years which is a long time and because of her job, her whole family had to relocate from one place to another. Due to one of her transfers, the entire family had to shift to Uganda for two years between 2013 to 2015. In Uganda, her son had issues with a bad spirit that had troubled him a lot.

While they lived in Uganda, her son Ryker was very scared of his bedroom. Natasha had seen her son having worst experiences at that tender age because of the bad spirit. Natasha named the bad spirit as The Black. She used to hear a lot of noises from her son’s bedroom and she knew it was not her son because he was with her when they heard such noises.

When her neighbours heard that Natasha’s family was facing such issues, they have given the woman holy water to use it in that room. Instead, Natasha and her family vacated that haunted house and moved to another place. She had another son named Sebastian who was 16 years old. He had an imaginary friend who he named Kenya. Sebastian always talked to this imaginary friend and that was just another bad experience in her life.

Though Natasha is an atheist, she believes there are spirits around us. She feels children get more connected to them than adults because they're more sensitive and open for such experiences. These pictures took by Natasha have become very viral but there are still some people who cannot believe in this story. They say that photos were edited. But there were also a few people who have shared a very similar stories to Natasha's.

Source: Starstock / MundoEsotericoParanormal

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