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10 Signs that you are in a happy relationship with your partner!

Every woman in the world dreams to have a happy and long-lasting relationship to be able to boast about it to the friends. To show everybody that together with your husband you are a strong couple and a perfect one! See if you share behaviors that according to scientists prove a long-lasting relationship and if just like in the fairy tale, you will be living happily ever after!

1. Common hobby
The specialists emphasize that common interest makes people get closer to each other. It facilitates dialog and makes it easier to initiate relationships. Later, a common hobby allows long conversations, mutual motivations and creating similar dreams. In addition, common interests make a relationship stronger because a couple spends a lot of time together doing it.

2. Reconciliation after quarrel

There are no couples who are always in agreement. Relationship means compromise. Sometimes one side has to accept the other's will and vice versa. Talk and understanding are always needed in a relationship. Remember that even after a harsh exchange of words, you have to learn to forgive. And the fact of reconciliation may be more pleasurable than you assume. But do not make the routine of that you should always fight before going to bed. It's not about that.

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3. Time in silence

It is said that there is nothing more uncomfortable than deep silence in the company. Meanwhile, people who make a successful relationship can stay in one room and be quiet at the same time. And yet they still feel comfortable and unhampered around themselves. This means that you have confidence, you can rely on each other and you feel good with your partner. You do not have to constantly talk to know that the other person is next to you.

4. You can be yourself

By continuing the previous point, no matter if you talk or not, you can always be yourself. You do not pretend, you know you have some faults, so does your partner and that's why you can feel comfortable and unhampered being with him. A relationship is based on naturalness and sincerity. Therefore, couples who have been together for many years are able to recognize their behavior and emotions at first sight. Because no one wears masks.

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5. Future

To create a relationship that will last a long time, you need love and common plans. The experts note that a serious relationship and commitment mean that we cannot imagine life without the other half. When we make plans, this person is always taken into consideration, or when something happens, it is the first one we want to call and talk about it. The common path takes on a completely concrete meaning in this case.

6. You are the better person

In a happy relationship, people gain more self-confidence, courage, and faith in their own abilities. Because despite the partner accepting us as who we are, he can also motivate and support us. We can count on him in the good and bad times, he cares that we are developing and improving our skills. Therefore, thanks to the relationship and your partner you can say "I am becoming a better version of myself because of you".

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7. You both try

A relationship that is happy and successful means that both sides try hard and take care of it equally. You both have to be partners who give as much as they receive in return. You take care of each other, and your needs can meet your expectations. You can listen to each other and accept your desires. Together you have to work to make it happen, and your relationship will become stronger.

8. You support each other

This point is related to several previous ones. In a happy relationship, partners are friends who can always rely on themselves. Your relationship is selfless, regardless of who gets better at the moment. You are able to listen to each other; to advise and solve problems together. You motivate yourselves and are able to help the partner. Long-term relationships mean not only joyful moments but even those difficult ones you are able to overcome together.

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9. Money

Experts note that money is the most common reason for many divorces and break-ups. Yes, stabilization and safety are very important in life, but lucky couples do not look at luxury. Wishing to be together, they are creating a common budget that allows them to create a family and the realization of plans. All financial decisions should be clear to both of you and jointly undertaken. And each one of you should spend money wisely, thinking of the home you are creating.

10. The same desires

According to experts, to create a successful relationship you must also have the same expectations for life. In this case, it is not about interest or hobbies, but that you want to have the same in life. If one wants to have a baby, the other need to want to create a family too. You have to talk about it and work together to make the decisions that change your life real. These expectations may change, but it is important to want to live together and to be sure that you both want this.

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