Published 2017-11-09
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7 Signs that your man is hiding the truth about what he really wants

1. Weasel words

“Maybe”, “Later”, “Could be”, … This is where men are quite the experts. They know exactly which word to use in order to get your attention and also not to admit anything or commit to anything that they might regret in the future. Since they are not really sure about what they might want in the future or they do not want to admit right now that they are not looking for a relationship, they tactfully play with words. Sometimes you are so fine that they do not want to lose the opportunity of being with you so they lie!

1. Weasel words

2. Change of mine

At the beginning, he talks about how he wants whatever you want and is always there alongside you but as things start moving forward, he starts making some negative points about your decision that does not seem like him! Imagine that you have agreed that you would get married and whenever he sees a married couple he points out how boring their life is and how exhilarating and adventurous yours is! And after marriage you won’t be able to have these moments anymore, you’ll be like them married couples.

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2. Change of mine
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