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Bollywood celebs who have the best relationship with their stepmoms!

We no longer can say that India is a country that second marriage in it is considered as a taboo. It could still be the same thing in some parts of the country but in the world of Bollywood, the mean stepmother is not the stereotype anymore. In fact, right now, they share a great bond with their stepmoms which is a huge step for us! Now when the first relationship fails, they try to fix it and if they cannot, they know that there is a last option. With the perspectives changing, we see more successful second marriages right now. Here is a list of them.


Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan who is an Indian actor and screenwriter got married to Sushila Charak and Helen. It is said that he got married to Helen without getting a divorce from his first wife. Salim Khan adopted the beautiful Arpita. She was born and brought up in Mumbai. Some say that she was adopted by the first wife and other say that it was Helen who found her crying on the street. Now that she is more in the spotlight than before people are digging more and more in her life forgetting about the admirable action that Salim Khan did!

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Everything in this family is against all the stereotypes. The fact that they adopted Arpita. That Salim Khan got married to his second wife while he was still married to the first one and that Helen is a Christian, even though Salim Khan is a Muslim. What is interesting about this family is that after all this, they have an even stronger bond than before! You can see Salman Khan with Helen on so many occasions and she, Helen, shares a sisterly relationship with Salim Kahn’s first wife!

Soni Razdan

Soni Razdan, Alia Bhatt’s mother is the wife of Mahesh Bhatt, filmmaker. Even though she is quite talented but she had no chance of shining in the movie industry. It is said that she is trying her hand in directing these days and a movie called Love Affair is going to be released soon by the actress-director. Let’s hope that this will make the twist she needs in her career. But let’s talk about the marriage and her relationship with the stepkids. She never let Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt feel like she is the stepmother to them. That is how she manages everything perfectly!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor married her 5-year-boyfriend Saif Ali Khan in October 2012. She gave birth to their son Taimur Ali Khan on 20 December 2016. The only condition Kareena Kapoor to marry Saif Ali Khan was that she would be able to continue her career. In an interview, she said: “I am happy and proud that even after marriage I am working with Ajay and Salman... getting offered big-budget commercial films. Being married is not a crime and it has nothing to do with my career. Hindi movies are changing. Today it’s all about good actors, not about young and old. I am happy to be married and 33."

Kareena Kapoor did not only manage to have a perfect life and career, she also has a great relationship with her stepchildren. She is known much more as a friend to Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim than a stepmother. In Koffee with Karan, she said: “It's pretty amazing, they have a wonderful mother. They are the most well-brought-up children. I always remember Sara standing up and doing aadab. Both Sara and Ibrahim are like that. I am like a friend to them. At times, me and Sara chat over a glass of champagne. That's the way Saif wanted and that's the way I wanted it.”

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Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao is not only the wife of Aamir Khan, she also is an Indian film producer, screenwriter, and director. Kiran Rao was made the chairperson of the Mumbai Film Festival - MAMI in 2015. Her career started as a director assistant with the movie Lagaan which was nominated for 74th Academy Awards in the foreign language film category. She was able to talk her husband into being a vegan. Even though there were rumors of Aamir khan cheating on his wife with Kiran Rao, it seems like they have a great relationship!

She is the stepmom to Junaid and Ira. The kids are in great terms with their own mother and also with their step-mother which is not something you can find in today’s life. In many events and parties they have been spotted together and based on what Aamir Khan has said, the kids accepted Kiran right away and they love her. What else does a family need to be well-knitted more than what this family has!? Seems like Aamir Khan has gained his nickname, Mr. Perfectionist, for a reason!

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Supriya Pathak

Supriya Pathak who is an Indian actress of TV is the stepmother to everyone’s favorite artist of the year Shahid Kapoor. Supriya Pathak said in an interview: “I met Shahid first when he was six. He was a very warm child and somehow we took to each other immediately. I didn't have to insist on anything and he didn't push me for anything. Like Pankaj, he is again a very good human being in all aspects and has a clean heart. He is a clean boy. I feel that I have Pankaj in three ages — at 60 as himself, at 33 as Shahid and now with my younger son Ruhaan at 20.”

Shahid Kapoor is the biological son of Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem but the love and respect that he has for his stepmother, Supriya Pathak, is undeniable. Shahid Kapoor has stated that he has learned a lot from her stepmother and there is quite some evidence for us to believe that this love they have for one another is real!
These were only some of the many people who are changing the perspective to a better one in this industry!

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