Published 2017-11-13
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The boy who transformed himself into all of the Disney princesses...

There are some unbelievable Disney fans like Richard Schaefer, a 21-year-old independent makeup artist. Richard often becomes the princess of his favorite Disney movies and shows his great skills on the Internet. He started to cosplay as Disney princes and princesses about five years ago. Each transformation takes about two hours because he also makes his own costumes. Richard has learned all of this in school to forget a little of everything when others intimidated him. Some people said he is androgynous. So he decided to turn these comments into something positive by becoming his and their favorite Disney princesses. He says that dressing up has helped him feel more secure as a person. Read his story that brought him 263k of followers on Instagram.

It must be very gratifying to see that so many people through a kind social network such as Instagram, congratulate and encourage you for what motivates him and he enjoys doing. Now Richard can say that life is going on and everything that will come for him, will be good and he is able to leave that dark past behind him.
Here you can see how Richard has become Snow White by perfectly simulating the base tone of the white skin. The cheeks are very well achieved without highlighting, the reddish tone and it does not look too exaggerated. The collar and dress of Snow White are simply spectacular as well.

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In this case, Richard has chosen to become the gorgeous Jasmine from the animation Aladdin. As you can see, the makeup as far as the dress is really good since it has all the details of this Disney version of a princess of Agrabah. The eyes and the overall tone of the face are slightly lighter than Jasmine but it is adequate as it would be more complicated to recreate due to Richard's features.

This time Richard became Megara of the famous animated movie Hercules. To achieve this look, he has used lenses of the same color as the dress. Simulating the hairstyle of this princess in this spectacular way and the expression on the face makes him look even more realistic and similar to Megara. This boy has no limits and dared to get dressed up several times as the same princess but with different dresses and styles.

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Going further, here he appears with a companion who plays Beast in the human form and Richard himself is Bella. Of course, you know right now, that they are Beauty and the Beast! Both have achieved the amazing look, while the dress and costume are very similar to the characters. It is nothing new to say that Richard has a great control when it comes to make-up and has shaped perfectly both Bella and Beast in terms of facial tone and details such as eyes or lips.

Another time he has chosen to look like Princess Rapunzel posing as if she were daydreaming being on the balcony. It is an evidence that he is an amazing artist when it comes to makeup and creating the dresses of Disney princesses. But something that should also be praised, is the expression and pose that he puts in each of the photos that are made with each cosplay of princess Disney. It seems that he is also a great model and actor!

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Who does not remember the wonderful Jane Porter, the beautiful girl from the movie Tarzan? In this case, it is seen that the dress has much more elaboration than in other cosplay since the look of Jane is very defined and with some details in terms of hair and face, it is really good. This may be one of the most laborious pieces of art for Richard, but of course, for him, this is not annoying.

Richard had two versions of this princess. One which reminded the princess of the actor's movie and one of the animated fairy tale! Here you can see how the dress looks exactly like from that magical night in Disney's animated film. The hairstyle is achieved and with the rest of the ornaments is a really great set. It is true that he had spent a lot of time doing all this, but if you want to have a good result you have to spend a lot of time to make it that way.

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Among Richard's looks, there is also beautiful Pocahontas. With characters hair which looks like the wind is blowing in her hair simulating the freedom and the strong character of Pocahontas with a penetrating look. It's amazing what this guy gets when he sets out to recreate one of the Disney princesses. Each one finds his path in this world and of course, Richard has found very interesting one.

Without a doubt, this is his favorite Disney princess. If you look at his nickname on Instagram, you will see that he is honoring this Disney princess. We talk of course about Ariel from The Little Mermaid. In this case, you can see how the hair is dyed to the color of the princess of the sea with the tone of the lips and a pale tone of the skin. You cannot miss the blue eyes and the cheerful expression of the girl.

Which one of the Disney princesses is your favorite? Which one do you consider the best version?

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