Published 2017-11-14
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Choose the sky and find out your hidden personality!

1st Sky

You chose the first option, which means you are a very true and genuine person and you cannot stand when people are dishonest or vain because this drives you crazy. You always try to do your best no matter where it is: at work, at school, at home - everywhere. That's why your friends, colleagues, and family treat you like a person. They can lean on you and love. It may not be visible to others but you may seem sensitive, especially when it comes to angry words said towards you. The words hurt you but you always try to be kind to people who used them against you.

1st Sky

2nd Sky

You have chosen the second sky. This means you do not like to argue at all and you always choose peace instead of an argument. Your attitude to the world and people in your environment is rather pacific, you’re a mixture of an extroverted and introverted person that can be really cute and funny for the ones you love. It’s true that you won’t have problems to say good words to people who deserved this. You’re truly generous and you try to be the best person so that others will respect you, and you respect them as well.

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2nd Sky
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What is the first thing you see in these 3 images? The answer reveals the kind of person you are...
Divakara Padmappa Jain
Divakara Padmappa Jain 11/17/17, 7:06 AM
I chose 1 and it is absolutely right for me..
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