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11 Celebrities who have been abandoned at the altar by the love of their lives...

One of the worst feelings you can experience during your life is that your wedding goes wrong. And it is really humiliating that you are waiting at the altar for the arrival of your beloved one but he/she does not show up. There are situations when there is only a tiny delay from the side of that person which is quite normal, but sometimes, what is really sad, is that a person has decided that this relationship has no future.
In this article, you will see several celebrities who have gone through such a difficult situation...

1. Paul Walker

This actor acquired a huge fame after participating in the popular movie series "Fast and Furious", where he played Brian O'Conner. Unfortunately, on November 30, 2013, Paul died in a fatal accident, which left all his fans in the state of depression. But there is a fact about him that not many might know. One of the most distressing chapters he had to go through was when his daughter's mother canceled the wedding only several weeks before the ceremony. The woman discovered that she was pregnant later, and the wedding was held later anyway.

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2. Shakira

On the field of music, it could be said that Shakira is one of a kind. The Colombian singer has been active since the late twentieth century, always being on the wave of popularity. The interpreter of songs like "Hips don't lie", "La Tortura" and "Waka Waka" was in a long-lasting relationship before she met her current partner, footballer Gerard Piqué. Antonio de la Rua was the partner of Shakira for many years, but just two weeks before the wedding, he cut the relationship for good.

3. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner passed away in September this year, but probably everybody knows this man and considers him as one of the luckiest people in the world. What comes to your mind when we mention Playboy magazine? Well, this man was its founder and was living in a mansion surrounded by models with sculptural bodies. Crystal Harris, one of his so-called "bunnies", got engaged to him, but canceled the wedding only a few days before the ceremony. It seems that he tried a little harder to get the YES because several months later the ceremony actually took place.

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4. Kiefer Sutherland

This popular American actor, the star of TV series 24, is one of the most well-known ones in the film industry. When he was much younger, for many years, he maintained a courtship with also very popular actress Julia Roberts. Everything seemed to go terrifically between them, they were like the royalty in Hollywood, so they planned their wedding. While the date of the ceremony was approaching, there appeared a slight distance in between. In the following two weeks, Julia left Kiefer and started dating her best friend. This moment was very humiliating for him: so it is better not to remind him of it...

5. Jennifer Lopez

The singer of "Ain't your mama" and "On the floor" is one of the most desired women in the world. Despite being almost fifty years of age, her enormous beauty has remained intact. In previous years she went out with one of her dancers and before that was married to Marc Anthony, but if there was a relationship that really marked her, it was the one she had with Ben Affleck. Unfortunately, the American actor a few weeks before the ceremony realized that Jennifer was too much for him, so he cut the relationship for good.

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6. Emilio Estévez

This actor is nothing less than the brother of the popular actor of "Two and a Half Men" Charlie Sheen. We do not know much about his life because he is not that controversial as his famous relative, but what we do know is that he had a relationship with Hollywood actress Demi Moore. Everything seemed to be going well between them and the wedding was already scheduled, but just at the moment when he was handing out the wedding invitations to some relatives, the girl canceled the wedding and left Emilio.

7. Brad Pitt

Brad is not going through good times today, as he is in the divorce process from the actress Angelina Jolie. But if we look at Pitt's love story, we will discover that he had romantic commitments with other famous actresses, among whom are Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. From this last one, he received a big blow: they were going to get married, he had already done his bachelor party, but Paltrow decided to cancel the wedding. Pitt took months to recover.

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8. Marilyn Manson

In the section of Heavy music, Marilyn Manson can be said to be quite an eminence and for sure unique. His music and his particular style make many people feel scared with his presence. But it is clear that, like everyone else, this man has his romantic heart. For several years, he was in a relationship with the actress Evan Rachel Wood; the commitment was going stronger and stronger, but two months before the wedding, Wood suddenly canceled it. Marilyn did not understand anything, but when he saw that she married another actor, he began to suspect what actually happened.

9. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes the star of a very popular TV show Dawson's Creek despite her young age went through quit complicated romantic stories. Now, she is in a happy relationship with Jamie Fox, but as we all know she is an ex-wife of a huge star Tom Cruise. Long before him, she was engaged to another actor Chris Klein. They were together for five years but he called off the wedding close to the time they were set to tie the knot.

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10. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller, the star of American Sniper or Casanova, tried to settle down the bad boy of Hollywood and the king of romance - Jude Law. They were in a long and troubled relationship and finally got engaged in 2004. Unfortunately, they called it off when Jude admitted to having an affair with his children's nanny. She even tried to reconcile with him few times after, but the feeling wasn't that strong to survive.

11. Janine Turner

This beautiful star of cult TV show Northern Exposure was engaged to Alec Baldwin in 1983. At that time, they both were young, pretty and struggling with the success of their careers. Unfortunately, even she had already her dress and the invitations were handed, the actor canceled the wedding. It is said that it was their common decision, but later, in some interviews, Turner admitted that she was devastated at the time.

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