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How to lose weight according to Sonakshi Sinha

Weight loss of Sonakshi Sinha is huge! Before she started her career in Bollywood in Dabangg, she weighed 90 kg. Yes, it’s unbelievable! She lost almost 30 kg before starting her career in movies. On the other hand, it was not that easy for her to lose some weight. She changed herself completely by following some important rules in her life. We’re pretty sure you want to know these rules that helped her to be in a good shape! Down below you can read some more about her transformation from a plump girl.

At the beginning, she was a rather plump girl but then turned into an attractive diva. Nowadays, she is considered as a fitness icon for many people. As you may know, the most common mistakes you make as it comes to your lifestyle are: not exercising, eating too much fast food, sedentary style of living and so on… However, if you have enough willpower you will manage to lose some weight that you don’t need!

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Actually, Sonakshi Sinha owes her weight loss to Salman Khan, her co-star, who gave her a lot of motivation to shed some extra weight. Her motivation was a reason that she lost 30 kg in order to play in her first film. Sonakshi Sinha said once: “He saw potential in me and egged me on to lose weight. I would say his contribution was the highest as I started taking it seriously only after he told me to.”

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Apparently, the 27-old Sonakshi never cared about people criticizing her body and weight, for example when she was very young. So the will to lose weight didn’t come out from the inside. But there was a time her inner voice told her and she decided to shed some weight. Sonakshi said: If it hadn’t come from within, I wouldn’t have done it”. And then, her journey to a perfect figure started...

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She had many rules to follow while exercising. Perhaps, like many of us, she hated to go to the gym to work out. She was aware that the training will never be easy, especially at the beginnings, which are always very hard for a beginner. But once she made the decision, there was nothing that could hold her back. Although she hated the gym and she knew it was not going to be easy, she avoided working-out with all her might, but finally, when she had decided for something, she went for it and achieved it! She even hired a trainer - Shahid Kapoor's trainer - to help her out.

If you want to lose some extra weight, the essential thing and the best you can do is to make your own work-out daily routine. You should organize your time better than before this process, you need time for the gym now so you should stick to rules and follow them. Some people like to attend the gym before work or school, some want to do that after that, it doesn’t matter - it’s up to you! Just find some time every day for exercising. Coming back to Sonakshi, her workout routine included: riding a bike, weight training, cardio exercises, swimming, playing tennis but also hot yoga and spinning. She also visited gym twice a day - let’s take an example from her!

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What can be surprising for many of us, Sonakshi never check her weight while losing weight! She didn’t get on the scale to check whether she lost some kilos or not, she almost didn’t know that. She once said that as long as she looks better and feels better, as the result, there’s no need to get on the scale every day to find out how much weight you have lost. It’s good for people because they are not stressed out, they just go along with it and don’t look back.

Another reason that she was rather plump before, was having a sweet tooth, this means loving eating sweets very much. Let’s admit - we all love candy! As she once said in some interview, food was her first love. She never had a diet, because it would make her unhappy and stressed. During her process of losing weight, she ate more regularly, in lesser amounts than before the diet. She remembered that eating a small meal every 2 hours keeps your metabolism on a good level. She admitted she even ate way too much but after that, one round on the running machine is a must!

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Next important aspect when it comes to the process of losing weight is to drink plenty of water every day. We’re sure you know it, but sometimes it’s good to remind everybody about that because it’s essential for our life and we have to be aware of the amount. Sonakshi also cares about it - she drank lots of water in order to keep her body hydrated. Her diet plan was as follows: cereals with milk and whole wheat toast for breakfast, several dry fruits and a cup of green tea before lunch and for lunch roti and sabzi with salad - all that were made at home. Carrying on, in the evening she ate one fruit and drank a cup of green tea and finally for dinner she had dal, sabzi, chicken, and fish. What is important: eating dinner not later than 6 PM, this is for your health.

Taking everything into account, after lots of self-sacrifices she finally managed and gained what she wanted. Now she look really good! Here we have some advice from Sonakshi to people who want to lose weight: “Don't expect results overnight. It took you months or years to pile on the kilos, what makes you think it will be gone in a few days? It is important to condition your mind and be patient during the process. Rather than dwelling on how much more you have to achieve, think of how far you have already come.” These are very important words we should all consider for our own good!

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