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5 To-be-big star kids that will debut in 2018!

So many star kids follow the path of their parents and they enter the business in the hope of finding their own way and succeed just like their celebrity parents or even more than them if they get the chance to grow bigger. So many of them fail and so many others succeed. Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kapoor sisters, Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor are the handful of household names who are more popular than their celebrity parents. The year 2018 is going to bring many more of these stars to us! It is time for the new stars to shine brighter than ever!

Recently after Karan Johar finally announced the debut of Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter in the movie Dhadak, they become the trend on twitter and all other social media platforms! Janhvi’s popular mom, Sridevi is way more excited that her daughter has landed her debut movie, she has commented: “Can’t help but give her tips about everything – from how to dress to what she eats. Children have their own mind. When it comes to her work, I don’t want to advise. She must cultivate her craft all by herself, make her own choices and chart her own path.”

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The movie is going to be released on the 6th of July 2018. Dhadak is the remake of Sairat the story of a man who falls in love with a young woman from an upper caste. Following the same path, her friend Sara Ali Khan is set to make her debut as well. It is said that she will be making her debut with Kedarnath. Leaning about the debut of these two kid celebrities, we have decided to make a list of the most anticipated debuts of 2018. These stars are surely going to take the movie industry by their storm. We can do nothing now but to wait impatiently for their movies to be released! Here is the list!

1. Jhanvi Kapoor

Why don’t we start with Jhanvi Kapoor! Jhanvi Kapoor is the daughter of our Bollywood Beauty Queen Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. She has studied in Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She is the eldest daughter of the family. She is predicted to be the biggest star of 2018 as her name is the talk of the town right now even before her debut. So many photos of her hanging out with other Bollywood kids have come out on social media and she has a huge fan base! We wish her luck.

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2. Ishaan Khattar

And of course, the next star is going to be Ishaan Khattar, brother of the actor Shahid Kapoor. Ishaan is also one of the most mentioned names these days since he is the one who plays the role opposite Jhanvi Kapoor in the remake of Sairat. Shahid has given him tips on how to be an actor from time to time so we can only expect to see an impeccable performance from the newbie. Apart from this, it is also discussed that he is also playing the lead role in Iranian director Majid Majidi's film 'Beyond the Clouds'. The release date for this movie is not fixed.

3. Sarah Ali Khan

Right from the time, we found out that the person who made Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan break their no kissing policy, we knew that this girl is going places! She is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh and also the stepdaughter to Kareena Kapoor as you all know. Sarah is going to make her debut with the movie that is directed by Abhishek Kapoor named Kedarnath. The lead actor in this movie is Sushant Singh Rajput. The story of the movie is based on the flood in Uttarakhand.

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4. Karan Deol

Sunny Deol's son Karan will soon be debuting in Bollywood. Sunny is quite excited about his son’s debut in Bollywood. It is reported that during a scene of the film, both of them became emotional and started crying. Sunny Deol shares a good bond with his son. Karan is going to make his debut with a movie directed by Deol Sr called Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. There is a very popular star accompanying him in this movie as well and he is none other than Aamir Khan.

5. Suhana Khan

It has been rumored that Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is also going to make her Bollywood debut! According to the reports, she has been found in popular audition locations but no one really knows what is going to happen or if she was even chosen for any of the movies she is rumored to have auditioned for! 2018 is sure going to be one hell of a year for the cinema and the fans!

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Wati Mollier
Wati Mollier 11/21/17, 7:06 AM
That's what you get for super idolizing some actors. Their progeny have acquired the Bollywood contract. Same old cloth from expired goods.
Nandini Rai
Nandini Rai 11/21/17, 7:06 AM
Suhana khan is not much beautiful
Vinisha Michael
Vinisha Michael 11/20/17, 7:06 AM
In short Bollywood promotes nepotism & depends on South Indian films nothing new in it & who cares if this kids debut in 2018
M A Wajid Khan
M A Wajid Khan 11/20/17, 7:06 AM
Aur wohi bakwaas love stories banao.aur bolo its different !! Lol
Sweety Gupta
Sweety Gupta 11/20/17, 7:06 AM
Thats clearly Nepotism!
Priyaa Darshini
Priyaa Darshini 11/20/17, 7:06 AM
Ishaan Khatter Congratulations ❤
Kirtan Bangera
Kirtan Bangera 11/20/17, 7:06 AM
Nimish Yashwantrao ye dekh poster
Prachi Ghiya
Prachi Ghiya 11/19/17, 7:06 AM
Manasvi Singh Karan deol
Shubham Malakar
Shubham Malakar 11/18/17, 7:06 AM
Good.....Very good....Just crush the real talents....फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री तो विरासत में मिली है इन सबको यही होता है जब अभिनेताओं के रिश्तेदार और कुछ काम नही कर पाते तब जुगाड़ लगा कर फ़िल्म में घुसा दो
Ravi Phogat
Ravi Phogat 11/18/17, 7:06 AM
And what they gonna star in, same old crappy love stories, no acting skills, can’t even do one expression right and who gives a fuck if they will debut in 2018? Nepotism at its best
Shubhankar Bhingare
Shubhankar Bhingare 11/18/17, 7:06 AM
Literally nobody cares.
Shamik Subba
Shamik Subba 11/18/17, 7:06 AM
Ab yei mat bolna ki industry mei nepotism exist nahi karta hei
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