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Things that prove happiness does not come with a price tag in MUMBAI!

Mumbai, the land of dreams, the business capital of India is one of the most expensive cities in the whole country. But there are many things that are available in Mumbai that can get you a lot of happiness in your life without spending a lot of money. You might have a lot of money to spend but there are few things that you can only experience when you try to go to places that are not expensive but give you the best experience.

Parsi food

Mumbai has the best Parsi cafes and these cafes are known for some amazing Parsi food. These Parsi cafes are mostly situated in old buildings, they might not be luxurious and cushioned everywhere. But these places serve mouth watering Parsi food at a very low cost. You might be able to have Iranian breakfast or a meal for less than 100 Rupees.

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Cutting chai

There are places like Starbucks and many such coffee shops that serve you the best coffees and other food in Mumbai, but when it comes to having a tea you would never prefer such places. The most famous Cutting Chai, which you find mostly on the streets of this wonderful city is the best that you can have on a rainy day. It will just cost you about 7 bucks but you will have a better experience than the costliest coffee that you drink at Starbucks.

Parsi food


Are you a candy lover? Do you eat a lot of candies or cakes, then you have several amazing choices in Mumbai. There are few Portuguese styled villas that have these restaurants that serve the best desserts at affordable prices. Each sweet or a cake might cost you around Rs10. the most famous cupcakes are the choco lava cakes, you will never go to any other place once you try them.

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Vada Pav

Talking about the cheapest and the tastiest food in Mumbai the first thing that comes to your mind is Vada Pav. The world famous Vada Pav is a staple breakfast dish for the local people of Mumbai. Vada Pav is known as the Indian burger that can fill your stomach if you don't feel like spending too much money. At many places in Mumbai, you can get a Vada Pav for approximately Rs7. You can find a Vada Pav stall at every corner of the city and according to few sources, Ashok Vada Pav stall is one of the best.

Marine drive

Are you stressed? Do you need a place where you can find peace? Do you want to spend some time alone and just sit and enjoy the nature? Mumbai has the best place for this. The most popular Marine drive is the best place to spend some peaceful time with yourself, grab some peanuts if you like them. Just sit on the curb and enjoy the amazing view of the Arabian Sea.

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Mumbai local

Traveling in Mumbai is one the most painful thing ever that you can face and this amazing city has the best alternative for it at a much cheaper price. Though you might not have luxury or comfort like you can have when you travel by car. But it can help you to travel to any place in Mumbai at a very low cost. It saves both money and time especially if the roads are always jam packed and you never know when you will reach your destination if you travel by road.


Do you love wearing accessories? Do you love wearing accessories that are not made by gold? Then Mumbai has the best places to buy such accessories. You mostly find accessories that are trendy and those that are preferred by the youth in Colaba Causeway. It is the place where you get these amazing stuff for a very reasonable price. But if you are going for the first time better be good at bargaining otherwise you will be looted.

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We agree that not all clubs and pubs are cheap but once in a while, one should experience the party life in Mumbai. You won't regret it! Mumbaikars live by the motto, ‘Work hard, party harder’. They are some of the most hardworking people you will ever meet, and when the sun goes down, it is their time to unwind, relax and get their groove on!

It is hard to summarize all the best things of Mumbai into just 8 points. Well, what can we say about Mumbai? For the rest of India, it is a city that never sleeps but for the true Mumbaikars, their ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ is a city of dreams. What else can you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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