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How Uday Chopra broke up with Nargis Fakhri and their relationship timeline!

Uday Chopra is now known as being a producer and assistant director following the footsteps of his father Yash Chopra and he is the CEO of YRF Entertainment and manager of Yash Raj Films. He also has his own company named Yomics that creates comics. The movie Grace of Monaco was produced by Arash Amel, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam and Uday Chopra. So we can say that he hasn’t done too bad by himself being so far away from the movie industry. Uday Chopra commented on why he left acting in an interview with The Indian Express:...

“I quit acting because I didn’t reach the place I thought I would. I had hits. Dhoom 3 is the biggest hit ever, but all the roles that were offered to me were like Ali (my character in the Dhoom series) in an ensemble cast. I could have done those roles and made a decent career but I wasn’t happy personally. I had said this initially that I don’t like being mediocre and the day I start feeling that I’m mediocre, I will quit. Acting will always be my first love and I’ll always miss it.”
Also the one people think he is with is even more successful! Check it for yourself!

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Nargis Fakhri is an American model and also an actress who has appeared in Hindi movies. The star started her career off with being a contestant in the series America's Next Top Model and later in 2011 she made her movie debut with Rockstar and surprisingly received a nomination from Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Whatever movie she appeared in after Rockstar gained praise from critics. For the movie Rockstar, she received the award for Hottest Pair along with Ranbir Kapoor.

However, their success in the movie industry is not the topic of our article today! Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri made many headlines over the past 6 years or so because of their alleged relationship. There were rumors of them dating and then breaking up over WhatsApp, later going back together, seen at the airport followed by the rumors of them tying the knot! Despite all this, none of the two have admitted the relationship. But where did this all come from?! Here is a timeline of their relationship and of course the possible reason behind their breakup.

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First, it all started with their twitter chats. If you guys have been following their twitter accounts, you know what we are talking about. Here is a sample for the ones that are puzzled. Nargis Fakhri tweeted to Uday Chopra: “A long time no tweet- just asking people, 5 things they are grateful for. Curious to hear what u r grateful for? Do share.” and in return, she got: “I'm grateful for -,1) Your beautiful smile, 2) Your gorgeous face, 3) Your amazing body, 4) Your striking personality and 5) Your positivity.”

Cheesy, doesn’t it sound?! Wait until you read the rest! Nargis continued with “OH Lord you can do better than that! But thank you for being grateful for my physical attributes.” - Uday: “My dear Nargis, why involve The Lord when we can amicably settle this between ourselves. I'd love to do better as long as you teach.” - Nargis: “u r so silly - I’m not talking to u anymore. Bye.” Uday: “hmmm…I love a challenge.”
This is only one sample of their flirtatious tweets so you know now why there was the rumor of them dating right?!

Their vacation picture got out online and we have that on NEXT page!

In 2014 things got heated up when the picture of them both on the beach in their Maldives vacation went viral. After this pictures, people had no doubts that the duo was together (the truth is people wish you all the best if you admit it!)! But they did not choose to go out with their relationship in public! Then 2014 Diwali happened when the two were seen together smiling looking ravishing and of course, nothing was still confirmed! On V-day, the tweet of Uday Chopra‏ added fuel to the buzz! Check it for yourself!

Later on, in an interview with indianexpress, when she was asked if she is dating Uday Chopra, Nargis said that they are only friends but the way she put it still was fishy enough for us not to believe it! “Uday Chopra is a person who will be a part of my life for the rest of my life. He is the most amazing human being who I have ever met in my entire life not just in India but around the world. If anyone is his friend that person is lucky to have him in his life.”
Then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, the news of their breakup broke out saying that Nargis immediately left for New York!

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But what really happened?! Her spokesperson said that this was due to her health condition but a source revealed this! “No one knows his reasons for doing so, but Uday ended their love story rather abruptly - by sending her a text over WhatsApp. It could have been Nargis' blow-hot-blow-cold attitude towards him that finally drove them apart.The parting was far from amicable. In fact, it was rather unceremonious as Uday reportedly ended their love story over WhatsApp. The person also said that Uday's number is a private one and was not visible on WhatsApp but it can be seen now. Ever since his breakup, the actor has reportedly become quite active on the messaging app. In fact, he is far from heartbroken and is in the mood to mingle!”

All this ended up when they were seen at an airport and the rumors of them planning on getting married got out in response to which Nargis claimed that it is false! Uday Chopra ended it all with this tweet! “I normally don’t respond to gossip, but the press has been reporting a lot of fiction disguised as fact. I would just like to clarify that Nargis and I have been and still are very close friends. The press has done a wonderful job of creating stories out of thin air and I applaud their creativity. However, these are all untrue.”

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