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10 Things that always happen when you share a bed with a man!

9. Respect my sleep

Every person has his own phase, time and length of sleep. So this might be difficult to combine and balance when you are sharing a bed together. That's why it is important to respect another person time in bed. Even if you don't want to sleep anymore, stay quiet. Try to do something that will not disturb another person from resting. Some people need much more sleep and you should respect this.

9. Respect my sleep

10. Sleep

At the end, something that might surprise every man. Please remember that sharing a bed with a woman doesn't mean that she wants to make love every single night. Try to find the pleasure in lying next to her, not only in intimacy with her. You can be pleasantly surprised that even resting in hug together will make you feel good, calm and satisfied. What's more, it will deepen your bond for sure.

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10. Sleep
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