Published 2017-11-20
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Everything you need to know about SEPTEMBER born WOMEN!

A September born lady is so sensitive and emotional. She is courageous and has a beautiful soul. She is looking for true love and she is willing to do anything for her partner and her family. She is incredibly loyal. Since Virgin is the word they use to address September borns, people might think that they are actually quite intact and innocent but the chance of your being wrong is pretty high! It’s better not to jump into any kinds of conclusion before reading the rest of this article.

There are so many things about a September born lady that you need to know. She might have flaws but she is not hiding them. She is quite modest and there are no doubts about it. There is no way that she would strike you as someone who jokes around all the time ridiculously. She is the type of woman that never expresses what she is going through so in times of facing failures, you never see her showing anything that can hint the feeling she has inside.

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She is the type that hides her feeling of weakness and despair. If they ever told you that a September born has broken the rule, know for sure that it is not right. Not following the rules is what does not match her principles. She even follows them when it comes to her love life. If she sees that the love she is having right now is not real, she won’t hesitate to end the relationship right there because she doesn’t believe in anything but true love.

If she believes that the love her partner has for her is true, she would do anything for him and for what they have. She won’t let anyone get that away from her. She is the only woman that is emotional but also at the same time rational when needed. Her love arouses jealousy in so many people. She will take her time to fill the warmth she needs to feel when in a love relationship. Some people might think that...

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For a September born, love is nowhere in her life. It is not true. The thing is that she won’t go with anyone that crosses her path. She is very passionate when it comes to love. A September born is a perfectionist but that doesn’t mean that she is perfect herself. Sometimes her flaws are frustrating. For instance, she believes that there is no one in this world that can do the things, better than the way she does! When she is angry DO NOT argue with her.

She might do things that you had never imagined. There is no way that you can win an argument with a September born. If you ever want to offer your apology, do it in a jiffy. Do not make a big deal out of it because she has already forgiven you for that. However, you still need to apologize. There is no way that she would let anyone toy with her. Her meticulous-self makes her figure if someone is lying no matter how big it is.

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Unquestionably, she is not playing games. She is so honest with you. She also pays a lot of attention to everything that is in her surroundings. If you are dating a September born, to stay on the safe side, you’d better not to spend much time with ladies and never ever hide anything from her because her eagle eyes will figure it out one day. She never confesses to her mistakes. If you need to point out her mistakes, you need to do that carefully, so you won't offend her.

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And know for a fact that they are 99% of the time right. It is better if you let her handle the financial part because she knows exactly what she is doing. If you are sitting right next to her, make sure that you are not giving her any new excuses to argue about. You’ve already gotten enough of it. There is no need to add new ones. There is also something else that you should kiss goodbye. Fancy outfit. Just do it. Don’t ask why!

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Do not expect her to watch soccer or football with you. Don’t boast about your courage to her. Instead of all that, when you are with her, remind her how happy you are for the fact that she is not one of those clumsy girls. She never overdoes things. She exactly knows how to take care of herself and for that she doesn’t need your assistant. With her, always take baby steps and we reassure you that you will get whatever you want this way.

She loves theater and plays and when she is watching a romantic play, it is easier for her to express the emotion she has been suppressing all this time. She loves to be the one who criticizes other people and that could be the color of your tie, the way you combed your hair or the things that you say. She needs criticism like how people need air to stay alive. Having said all that, as we always say, people’s way of living and their attitude changes according to the circumstances they are in.

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