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Things you should NEVER say to a SAGITTARIUS!

We have heard all about the positive points and personality traits of our Zodiac sign. We even know them all by heart! But what about the negative aspect? Have you ever searched for the negative aspects of your Zodiac sign? Your biggest fears? Things that people should never say to certain Zodiac signs?
In this series, we are going to tell you all about them. Check them and see how accurate they are! And right now is the time for Sagittarius. Why don’t we start with some secrets of their personality??!

Sagittarians are often vengeful. However, once they are done being angry, they will forget everything and continue on with their life. They could care less for someone who is not part of their life anymore. Although this can make people don't trust a person of this sign, you have to know that they can be very eccentric people and you will never really know when they are going to retaliate. What they hate the most is not to be able to do whatever they want to do. They are searching for freedom all their life.

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And if you try to get that away from them, they will run away! As easy as that! Putting them in a box that is defined by some rules is the cruelest thing you can do. They do not try to hide what they are feeling and that is why people know them as blunt and candid. They can be insensitive! They do not care much about what other people might think and if they are going to be offended or not, if they feel like they need to say something, they will just say it and count that as honesty! Which is pretty much right, truth to be told!

There also is one common flaw in all of them and that is the fact that they are not much patient. It is so easy to agitate them and make them feel irritated! Remember not to be late ever when you are on a date with these people even for five minutes because that is just enough for the beginning of a row! They hate people who have nothing new to say about anything. Not only is repetitiveness a huge turn off to them, also liars are one of the people they are not much fond of. They cannot stand people who play mind games with them constantly.

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They like for others to be as honest and candid with them as they are in return. They cannot stand someone who is a controlling person. No one should tell them what to do and what not to do because that makes them think like they are slaves! As we have already mentioned, their independence is of vital importance to them so anything and anyone that threatens them, they run away from it! In order to pave your way, according to Elaine Marolakos Edelson, one of the country's most renowned intuitive channels, empaths, astrologers, and energy workers, with certification in applied Kinesiology, we are going to mention 5 things you should never say to a Sagittarius.

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1. I just can't stop crying

One of the things you should remember not to do when it comes to a Sagittarius is being down and blue all the time! This is just not acceptable to them. Not that they are not going to help you through difficulties, just do not count on them when you need a shoulder to cry on! Elaine says: “Sagittarians love jovial dispositions. This doesn't mean they won't help you. They are very dedicated to serving the populace. Just keep your sniffles to yourself and crack a smile once in a while... now that's a good friend.”

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2. Please... sit

Sitting around and doing nothing is one of the most difficult tasks for Sagittarius people. They will do anything to get out of that mundane way of leaving so if you are one of those couch potatoes, Sagittarius is not someone you can be friends with. “Don't expect your Sag to stick around long because they're just too busy and on the go. But DO invite them in to sample your newest tea while kneeling on your prayer mat from that far off distant Asian land. Your Sag friend has a pension for travel and fun little knick-knacks from halfway around the world”, says Elaine.

3. You've gotta believe me

No! They are not going to believe you! Even though they are one of the most honest people who has ever walked on earth, that does not necessarily mean that they believe whatever you say although, they do expect you to be honest to them and believe in whatever they say! It just does not work the other way around. Elaine said: “Sagittarians are some of the most skeptical people on Earth. They need proof that water's wet before they drink it. To help that judgmental Sag of yours, be consistent. Show them that you like to search for answers, too, but don't always say you have the definitive answer. This keeps them hopeful that they'll have more places to go to and things to research.”

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4. I deserve it

“Your Sag has a knee-jerk reaction to people who feel entitled. If you come to your Sagittarian friend with an attitude of indignance or victimization, you will no longer have a Sagittarian friend. They'll offer suggestions to help you out of your sorry ways, but they won't hold your hand... UNLESS you're holding out your other hand to someone less fortunate. Show them that you truly care about mankind. Go help yourself then turn around and help someone else. Now, it's true that many Sagittarian men are shy and don't always express their deepest selves”, Elaine believes!

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5. Why do you travel so much?

As we have already mentioned, Sagittarius people are free spirit ones so it is only normal to see them traveling all the time here and there. They hate to sit somewhere and do nothing. You will always find them while carrying out an activity. If you are going to be with one, get ready for the endless episodes of adventure and breathtaking activities! This can even be one of the way to their heart so do not miss the chance.

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