Published 2016-12-12
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10 superpowers we all wish we had


It will be a lie if we said none of us wanted Harry Potter's invisibilty cloak.
But to reduce the difficulty of carrying a heavy cloak wherever we go, we decided it's better if we were to use our minds. With the force of invisibility, we could vanish in a matter of moments using our minds. We could sneak out of the house without our folks knowing and play comical tricks on our buddies without getting caught. Maybe even sneak around few famous celebrities houses. Imagine if we could spy on all the teachers and students we hate in school?

Superhuman Strength

With the super ability of superhuman power, we would have no issue winning the strongest person title in the world. From opening tightly closed jugs and containers, to lifting autos, breaking tiles, and performing other magnificent acts without even wasting all your energy. And not to mention, impressing all the girls. *wink* *wink*. Being as powerful as the Incredible Hulk has its perks.

Supersonic Speed

Superhuman perseverance permits us to endeavor all kinds exercises or activities that require us to use our physical energy, without getting drained. We wish we had this power especially in all our physical education classes in school. With this power, we could run marathons, clean the house and study for long stretches of time easily. Usain Bolt, watch out! You won’t know what hit you when we gain our powers.

Time Travel

It would be so cool to be able to visit our future self. No stress of thinking about how successful we would be or if we will be alone for the rest of our lives. We could also go back in time, to relive one of the better days or correct an embarrassing moments. With the force of time control this could be possible. And we shouldn’t forget how this could greatly benefit us in school or work, our deadlines will never really be deadline. If you know what we mean. We could keep going back in time, so that we’re never close to our submission dates.

Mind Reading

Only if we could use our mind and thoughts to interpret what others around us could be thinking. Wouldn't it be alot of fun if we could communicate with our friends using that force? We could just look at each other and “talk” about anything we want out in the open and nobody would ever know. And if this power came with an additional skill of mind control, thank heavens! We could get a raise in our jobs, an A++++ from our teachers, and brainwash our parents into letting us quit school and go travel around the world. Basically, we could do anything we wanted. Life would be grand! And then all we will need is a bottle of sun tan lotion and a drink in our hand.

Climate Control

If we’re ever lucky to have the power of atmokinesis, we would have the ability to control the climate. Envision having the power to summon a day off and get a day away from work, or ensuring the waves are perfect and the water is the best temperature at the shoreline. With just a snap of our fingers, the whole atmosphere could be in our hands. Waking up and realizing you don’t feel like getting out (or work)? BAM! Snowy day! Rain during one of our once in a blue moon good hair day? *snapsfingers* Pleasant sunny day! Ahhh this is life…..


If there was the possibility that we could be eternal, we could live for infinite time on this planet and be the most oldest individual on Earth. Just like vampires, except we wouldn't be sucking on necks or robbing blood banks. And why would we need a 'Things to do before we die’ list, when we have forever to live and take our time to do them? No rush in doing anything, and we could even do the daring-est of things and won't be afraid to get killed. And not to mention how good we will look because we’ll be as young as dawn.


There's truly no compelling reason to have this superpower. It's the power each and every child longs for having from the minute they first watch Superman or Wendy and her siblings take off into the night sky with Peter Pan. Envision a world with no congested driving conditions, where we could travel anyplace spontaneously and see the world from below us. If we could fly, this fictional universe would turn into a reality. And it's a bonus that we’ll be saving a lot on those pricey flight tickets.

High Intelligence

With the force of this superhuman power, we could be smarter than Albert Einstein. Because of our marvelous make up of brains, we would never have the need to ponder about anything that the world cannot solve. It’s only because of the fact that we would simply be that great. We could party until dawn before an exam and still pass with flying colours. Gosh, if we were blessed with that kind of IQ, life would be just great!

Fortune Teller

Precognition is the ability to predict the future. With this power, we could be the first to sense danger and save the day by battling ninja assassins, fire-breathing dragons and other pesky villains before their diabolical plans take root. And not to mention how rich we will get by saying the fortunes of all our friends and families. Our time and skill does not come for free!


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