Published 2016-12-12
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10 superpowers we all wish we had

Supersonic Speed

Superhuman perseverance permits us to endeavor all kinds exercises or activities that require us to use our physical energy, without getting drained. We wish we had this power especially in all our physical education classes in school. With this power, we could run marathons, clean the house and study for long stretches of time easily. Usain Bolt, watch out! You won’t know what hit you when we gain our powers.

Time Travel

It would be so cool to be able to visit our future self. No stress of thinking about how successful we would be or if we will be alone for the rest of our lives. We could also go back in time, to relive one of the better days or correct an embarrassing moments. With the force of time control this could be possible. And we shouldn’t forget how this could greatly benefit us in school or work, our deadlines will never really be deadline. If you know what we mean. We could keep going back in time, so that we’re never close to our submission dates.

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