Published 2016-12-12
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10 superpowers we all wish we had

Mind Reading

Only if we could use our mind and thoughts to interpret what others around us could be thinking. Wouldn't it be alot of fun if we could communicate with our friends using that force? We could just look at each other and “talk” about anything we want out in the open and nobody would ever know. And if this power came with an additional skill of mind control, thank heavens! We could get a raise in our jobs, an A++++ from our teachers, and brainwash our parents into letting us quit school and go travel around the world. Basically, we could do anything we wanted. Life would be grand! And then all we will need is a bottle of sun tan lotion and a drink in our hand.

Climate Control

If we’re ever lucky to have the power of atmokinesis, we would have the ability to control the climate. Envision having the power to summon a day off and get a day away from work, or ensuring the waves are perfect and the water is the best temperature at the shoreline. With just a snap of our fingers, the whole atmosphere could be in our hands. Waking up and realizing you don’t feel like getting out (or work)? BAM! Snowy day! Rain during one of our once in a blue moon good hair day? *snapsfingers* Pleasant sunny day! Ahhh this is life…..

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