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Indian astrology of men and women born in FEBRUARY!

People are always curious to know more about themselves and thanks to different types of astrology that we have, they can just search online and read all about the month they were born in or the zodiac sign they were born under! We have also covered a vast ground on this subject, however, the one that we have not touched yet is the Indian astrology of the months which we will be covering in the following series. Each month will be divided into 2 parts based on the gender and the positive and negative common traits of each will be covered. In this article, we will be talking about FEBRUARY borns! Ready?!

February born men

February born men

The February born men are one of the most charismatic men in the Indian astrology. No matter what gender they are, they attract people like a magnet so they sure won’t face difficulties finding the person they can get along with. Right after they hit 40, they start losing the fit shape of their body so before that, they are free to eat whatever they want without ever passing by a gym! The men that were born in February have the chocolate abs and that great body that every girl dreams of.

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February born men 1

They make the girls go weak at the knees not to mention their heart that will be jumping with their undeniable attraction. But you need to be careful with these men. When they find out they are just the one you have always been looking for in your life, that prince charming, they go the opposite way! They love to be a part of the group works so it is quite easy to find them in different social groups since they are quite affable! And of course, they have a lot of friends. Pulling strings for them is a piece of cake.

February born men 2

They are multitaskers. Meticulous multitaskers! You can ask them about what was happening at the other end of the mansion two minutes ago and they will tell you all about the details even though they were actually giving a speech for the last two hours! They have the ear of a fox. They also have the eyes of a hawk but when it comes to love matters, they turn blind just like bats. You can talk about anything else that is logical to them easily. They leave the nest so early to learn how to fly.

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February born men 3

They want to learn to do new things and experience a brand new life and that is why they cannot wait to leave their parent’s place and start their own adventure. These men are fascinated with sports. Whatever sport you can think of, but if we want to talk about their preferences, they would like to go with the ones that require brain work like chess. Whatever that needs a lot of thinking is the perfect suit for them. They want to have a better perspective on life.

February born men 4

They do not have time to waste on other people while talking about the most trivial things! Just like what most of the people do! The February born men are quite candid. Sometimes they can be quite grumpy and sarcastic and when this mood of them is on, you need to be careful and do not let it gets to you! Thicken skin. They are here to be the heartbreakers and there is nothing you can do about it. There are some qualities that are in common in the women that were born in this month as well. Here are some!

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February born men 5

February born women

There is no way that we can describe how the February born women are for real. Words fail because there is no strict pattern that these people follow! They have a tendency to be extremely flashy so you might find them wearing the Taylor Swift red lipstick and Kylie Jenner’s eyeshadows! That is how flashy then can be! We all want to be loved by other people and to make these ladies like you, you need to follow some rules! The first thing is that you need to give them all the freedom they need!

February born women

If you are with a February born lady, you cannot expect her to be quiet and sit all day without doing anything and just take care of the house! Things will get ugly if you try to tempt them! They just cannot be tempted so you have to love them just the way they are! There is no way she is going to have a shared bank account with you. She likes to work outside the home all the time. Sometimes you are forced to be a stay-home dad! We are just giving you an idea to know what you are getting yourself into!

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February born women 1

Sometimes they try to annoy you on purpose. If you are the type of person who is not patient and cannot keep it together for a long time, it is a horrible idea to be with them since they will make you go crazy by doing whatever they want. The best way to beat this annoying attitude of them is by staying quiet and not say a word. Do not suggest anything because they definitely will act the opposite of what you say in order to annoy you. Maybe it is better to ponder upon it, before actually getting into the relationship with them.

February born women 2

They can be quite carefree! They do not care about what other people think and that gets worse when there are babies involved. They want to raise the kids to be modern and to know many languages. These ladies are the thunders of Indian astrology. Do not forget that this might appeal to someone and may not to the rest! People’s personality and appearance differ depending on so many different factors.

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February born women 3
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40 tak hi hai aapki body aapke pass
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40 k Baad you'll only see a floating head na?!
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