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Bollywood celebs who married because of money or so people say!

There are always so many rumors, mostly not positive, about every single move the celebrities make whether it is in Bollywood or in Hollywood! Some do not even make sense but some others are quite difficult to shake! Marriage in Bollywood is a great event for all the celebrities regardless of their gender. However, there are some rumors even about this happy event! Some celebrities are said to be married to their partner because of money! Whether it is right or not, these people have proven that they are a happy couple so who are we to judge!? Here is the list of the celebs that were accused of getting married for money!

Celina Jaitley to Peter Haag

Celina Jaitley who was born on the 24 of November 1981 is a former beauty queen. She won the Miss India in 2001 and was the 4th runner-up at Miss Universe 2001. Not Celina Jaitley is incredibly beautiful, she also has a great heart. The lady is a big supporter of LGBT community and supports the gay rights movement in India. Recently she delivered her twins, one of which couldn’t make it due to a heart condition.

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The former 35-year-old miss India is an Indian actress. The beautiful actress married Peter Haag, her Dubai-based Austrian boyfriend in 2011 and had her twin delivered in March 2012. Celina has never accepted the rumors that had been around regarding her pregnancy before the marriage but so many reporters strongly believe that it happened. This was not the only problem they faced by the media and people! There were also rumors of her marrying her husband because of money.

However, Celina made sure to clarify this in an interview with idiva! She said: “I met Peter for the first time in Dubai. I was there for the store opening of the Indian fashion brand I endorse (Jashn). I met Peter through a dear family friend whom I lovingly call Nilesh Mama and my dear friend Rahuul Jashnani. It was a family gathering at a wonderful lounge and Peter was also invited to it. There was an intense recognition in a part of me when I first saw Peter. Actually, we did not speak anything to each other but I just knew from the moment he walked in that he was my husband even though we had never met before.

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Vidya Balan to Siddharth Roy Kapoor

Vidya Balan And Siddharth Roy Kapur also are one of those couples that everyone worships. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend called Karan Johar! Of course, everything that happens in Bollywood is controlled by Karan! Since they did not have much time to spend with each other, they started this beautiful habit of talking to one another and getting to know the other person more and more. Nothing was that serious until he proposed! One of the greatest gifts she received from him was 30 CR flat in Juhu, Mumbai.

The gifs can be one of the reasons why people think she married because of money but she Vidya thinks the other way! Vidya talked about her marriage saying: “When Siddharth proposed, I couldn’t believe it initially. Since we were together, I knew we would talk marriage at some stage. And then, he popped the question and did not even wait for a reply. It was taken for granted! I could have gone on living without marriage, but I do not believe in live-in relationships because it may be difficult when you want a child. When he proposed, I was like, “Okay, so now we need to talk about it.”.

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They have proven that love is all they have in their relationship! Vidya commented: “Siddharth accepts me the way I am. In the first few months of marriage, I got bogged down by the notion that I had to juggle between handling home duties and starting work on a new film. He explained I need not be a superwoman. He understands that if he could go out to work and end up neglecting things at home, so could I.”
If this is not love, we do not know what is!
And of course, the other couple is no other than Sridevi and Boney Kapoor.

Sridevi to Boney Kapoor

What people think comes from the huge age gap that these two have as a couple! They believe that he is too old for her! One thing we all know for sure is that the couple went through so many difficulties to get where they are right now! The rumors that Mithun had secretly married Sridevi and left his house to stay with her! Later the news of Sridevi’s marriage with Boney Kapoor got out! And then people were talking about how Sridevi got pregnant before her marriage. She got pregnant when her Boney was still married to someone else.

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Boney Kapoor got a divorce and the duo got married when she was seven months pregnant. Back then they called Sridev a home-breaker. So many times she was called names by the ex-wife, was offended but they stayed strong. Sridevi said: “I fell in love with him when I got to know the real him. It was difficult, traumatic event and it took me many years to finally accept the fact that I was destined to be with Boney. In hindsight, I only wish that I had realized and accepted his love for me sooner. I always believe in following my heart and I am glad that I did.”
Does this sound like a marriage for money to you?!

Shilpa Shetty to Raj Kundra

And the last couple that is always the talk of the town because of being so extravagant is Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra! To be honest, we do not really think that Shilpa needed the money of Raj Kundra at all! She has her own money and she is one of the most successful businesswomen but that is what people think! Shilpa Shetty, however, has her own side of the story! “I've always said that the day I decide to tie the knot it is going to be for good. I have often wondered who the right person would be and I've come to realize that for me it is Raj. I'm completely sure he is my soulmate.”

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