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End of the world was predicted 9 times

One of the several ways we have made the most of our time on Earth is attempting to make sense of when and how it will end. Some of these records are quite vague, and some are truly specific, giving the date and time, but none of it has ever happened. YET. But clearly these guys aren't The Simpsons, who most definitely can predict the future. However, we've listed some of our favourite theories, and it's up to you to believe them or not.


Charles Taze Russell was the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses. In 1914 he anticipated that Christ would return. But unfortunately (actually fortunately for us), that didn't happen. So the religion he established then proceeded to foresee seven different circumstances for Armageddon. Armageddon is said to be the first and final battle that will determine the end of the world, between the good and evil forces.

December 2012 & September 2016

The Mayan Prophecy is truly dinky when it concerns an apocalypse, or the end and beginning of an era. The first expected end of everything was December of 2012. But, when that didn't occur, it was disclosed that because of contrasts between the Gregorian and Mayan Haab calendars, the date was really June 3rd, 2016. So far, December 2012 and June 2016 has gone, and we're still here.....But on the bright side this inspired the song 2012 which was a great hit back then. In 2012.

July 29th, 2016

The latest date for the Earth that was passed was July 29th, 2016. A group of Christians calling themselves The End Times Prophecies posted a video telling us about the magnetic poles of the Earth would all of a sudden flip, and that it would "make the stars race across the sky" and make a vacuum that would pull the whole sky to the ground. Fortunately, we have NASA and science to clarify that Pole Reversal happens constantly, and it takes many years. In simple words, the poles do reverse, and it's alright.

August 31, 2013

Grigori Rasputin (better believe it!), THE Rasputin, the well known Russian spiritualist and belief healer to the last Tsar of Russia. He was the inspiration behind the famous tune Rasputin by disco band Boney M. He anticipated more than 100 years back that it would be the end of the world on August 31st, 2013. He cautioned about a "Terrible Storm" and that "Fire will swallow all life on land, and then life will die and there will be the silence of the grave." Then, apparently, Jesus would be back and comfort the survivors for a couple of days and return back to heaven.

December 2015 & October 2016

Supporters of Mae Brussell, who call themselves Brussell Sprouts (LOL we saw what you did there. Good one though!) anticipated the apocalypse in December 2015, and appealed that a tenth planet known as Planet X, or The Destroyer, would slam into the Earth. They claimed that all the governments in the world knew this would happen. They say it's the greatest disguise in history since placing fluoride in our water. Try not to stress though, since clearly nothing happened last December. However, since then they've updated their forecasts to October or late 2016. Well the year is almost over, the-vegetable-we-hate. Still no sign of anything.


Christian evangelist Harold Camping, anticipated the apocalypse over twelve times, even twice in 2011, which he says was precisely 7,000 years after the Great Flood of Noah from the Bible. His devotees sold their belongings and sometimes their homes. Boards about getting ready for judgment day went up everywhere throughout the US, and bars held parties in honor of the then coming apocalypse. Unfortunately, Harold died in 2013, and didn't live to see when or if it ever happens.


In the late 1700's, Joanna Southcott began listening to voices telling her what's to come. Not anything positive or cool, but more like doomsday, starvation etc. But, she did get things kind of true about the Irish Famine which were during 1799-1801. Apart from that and distributing her own books, she had about 100,000 followers. In 1813, she told everybody that she was pregnant, but still a virgin, and that her kid was the savior, (we're getting a sense of deja vu here...), the second coming was about to come. Which also means it's the end of the world. She died even before a baby was born, at 64 years.

March 31st, 1998

Hon-Ming Chen, the founder of his cult the Chen Tao or True Way Cult, went for the zeal, and joined Taoism, Buddhism, a law of every individual having three souls, and of course UFO's. At a certain point he moved his cult from Taiwan to Garland, TX. He felt that Garland sounded almost the same like "God Land", so they waited for the end in God's Land. He claimed that the Rapture would begin when God showed up on American Cable (TV) on March 31st, 1998 (which TOTALLY makes sense, because by what other way would an almighty divinity come back to Earth other than television?). Luckily, when that absurdity didn't happen, Chen attempted to get his supporters to crucify him, and they had refused his offer.


The tail of comets holds a noxious gas called cyanogen. When researchers found this in around the 20th century, there was a frenzy about the coming to Halley's Comet, as Earth went through it's long tail. Though there is nothing to worry about one bit, in 1910 the death of the comet was seen as end of the world. And here we thought it was the most beautiful thing of nature and science we ever saw. And not to mention the wishes we make on it when it passes by.
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