Published 2017-11-23
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Choose an image and discover your hidden personality!

1. Drawing number 1

This image is chosen by 20% of the respondents, and its meaning is really special. The moon is on the right and the sea is calm, which marks very clearly who you really are: your desires to create are infinite. Since you were little you have realized that you have an overflowing imagination; your dreams and future plans are immense, so your wishes to fulfill invade your mind every day. You will not rest until you achieve your goals, that in fact will cause you great happiness.

1. Drawing number 1

Even if you are imaginative, the truth is that you are very attentive to everything that has to do with the real world. You know more than enough what is important for your future, hence you act accordingly in all phases of your life. When it comes to love and friendship, you do not like changes, so you have the same partner for many years and even when you make friends, they will last a lifetime. You have big plans for your future: your desire to start an alternative business will make it possible for you to become successful.

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1. Drawing number 1 1
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