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8 Similarities between Avengers and Justice League that only true fans can see!

The popularity of Superheroes developed because of the comic books but recently and mostly thanks to the movies based on them. Today, these unique characters rule the box offices lists and quickly win the top places there and the hearts of the audience. Marvel Universe is the one who has the most success in this field but there is a player who does not give this up easily. DC Universe also offers interesting characters, amazing special effects and a lot of emotions and humor. The world and viewers are divided and argue which one is better. But there is a lot of similarities that only true fans can see at the first sight. With the premiere of Justice League, see main resemblances to the Avengers pointed out by ScreenCrush.

Both series had an influence on each other from the very beginning and many of the characters are the answer to the origin of the ones created by the opposite company. That's why we cannot deny that Justice League movies have also few things in common with Avengers. The story begins with Joss Whedon who was involved in the production (co-writing and co-directing) both of the movies. This article contains some spoilers so notice that before reading it! But if you are curious, do not hesitate and see similarities between Marvel’s Avengers and DC Extended Universe’s Justice League.
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1. Main antagonist

The first one is very obvious. Both movies have a villain who comes from the outer space and wears a big horned helmet as an opponent. In Avengers that was Loki, in Justice League his name is Steppenwolf. They want to conquer our planet and there is no way to defeat these bad guys by one person/superhero alone. But how did they get here? This is another common thing...

2. Magic cube

Villain characters in both movies arrive at our planet thanks to a magic cube. In Avengers Loki has used Tesseract, in Justice League Steppenwolf uses Mother Box. What was similar that the cube was also hidden on Earth for thousand years. Of course, these bad characters want to steal them later and use it further for their own plans. And we don't have to mention that cube in both movies has incredible cosmic powers.

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3. World in chaos

In both movies, the plot begins when our planet seems to be left defenseless and people still don't know what to think about superheroes and what actually is happening. The Earth faces the fight with the alien strong enemy just when powerful, god alike character has left our planet. In Avengers that was Thor, in Justice League it is Superman. This means also that the ones who stayed, need to do something about it. And this leads us to the next point...

4. Recruiting a team

As we mentioned before, such a villain can be defeated only by a group of superheroes. So there is no other choice than creating a team. In Avengers it has been done by Black Widow and Nick Fury, while in Justice League it is organized by Batman and Wonder Woman. What is also interesting is that men in both movies try to hire characters with superpowers (Captain America/Aquaman), while both women try to convince characters who see themselves as monsters (Hulk/Cyborg).

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5. Heroes

This is probably the biggest and well-seen similarity of all. But fans who know the history of these comic books will not be surprised. Both movies have characters who have fought during the World War - Captain America, Wonder Woman. Both movies have also characters who have great abilities and skills in using modern technology and have a light point in the middle of their chest - Iron Man, Cyborg. And both movies have heroes who are ancient gods and know the main villain origin - Thor, Wonder Woman.

6. Similar scenes

Maybe it wasn't on purpose, but they even have similar scenes! One of the introductions of the female character in both movies is the scene when women fight with terrorist. In Avengers this is Black Widow, in Justice League Wonder Woman. The next very look alike scene is the introduction of the team itself. In both movies, they show their abilities as a group when the villain character takes hostages and they need to get united to free them.

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7. Headquarters

During movies, both teams must face the problem of disagreement and to build their friendship and trust with each other. They also need to fight and convince to calm down one of the strongest characters from their team (Hulk/Superman). But despite so many adversities, they are able to stay as a powerful group and create a headquarter which is a base and encourages the next movie!

8. Credit scenes

Marvel created a new rule that we receive two scenes at the end of the movie, so-called mid- or post-credit scenes. Of course, we have them after both Avengers and Justice League. One is funny and connected to the characters from the movie, the other one is like a teaser or an introduction to the next movie.

We reach the end of our article. There are more similarities that you can point in the comments. As we said, these industries and movies have an influence on each other but most of all, they were made to please the audience. We can enjoy watching all of them!

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Source: ScreenCrush

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