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8 Actors who kiss badly!

The subject of kissing in Hollywood is so different than for example in Bollywood, where many mega-popular stars have special notes in their contract that they will not have to kiss or even touch their partners in the movie. Although everywhere in the world people seek in the film industry for very romantic movies and touching stories about love, not all actors and actresses feel comfortable pretending a couple who is kissing on-screen. And although kissing is not a big deal today, an on-screen intimacy still is a controversial topic.

Of course, there are some movies with kissing, but we still tend to believe that it is unnecessary to show in movies. Nowadays Americans are getting much bold in showing kissing or even nudity in the movies. Some of them have also no problems with sharing the experiences about it in interviews. That's why today we can present you the list of bad kissers from Hollywood. Although on the screen it always looks good and passionate, the partners from the movie set revealed a bit truth on this subject and dispel any fantasies.

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1. Robert Pattinson

It is said that after the kiss scene played by Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in 2011's "Water for Elephants", the actress was very disgusted. During this time Robert was very cold and fought with the catarrh. Reese recounted that the shooting of this scene was actually disgusting. In some interview, she admitted: "Robert was cold. He had a runny nose. It wasn't appealing; it wasn't pleasant." We sincerely sympathize with her...

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence have created an amazing on-screen chemistry from the start. People loved them in Silver Linings Playbook and they played together in several other films. Although Bradley is 15 years older than Jennifer and they said to be friends, Jennifer does not like kissing him. She might have won an Oscar but after doing a scene she told to Bradley that he was a "wet kisser."

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3. Jennifer Lawrence

It turns out that she isn't a master in such scenes, too. First, it was a Bradley Copper who responded to jab that she said about him on The Graham Norton Show in 2013, saying that she is not a good kisser: "You don't want to hear that. It was not a compliment." Maybe he was only angry at her words but there must be something in it because, her co-star from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire said that her kisses were very provocative, and the lips were a little "slobbery."

4. Brad Pitt

It is more than unbelievable! Women of all ages have long been sighing at Brad Pitt, who has been consistently excellent for over twenty years. You cannot question his attraction since he won People's magazine title of sexiest man alive twice. But according to Kirsten Dunst, Brad really is not worth the obsession. Kirsten had a chance to kiss him in 1994's "Interview with the Vampire," but she did not have anything positive to say about it. When everyone around her envied the kiss, she briefly commented: "Everyone at the time as like, 'you're so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,' but I thought it was disgusting." She also said: "I thought it was gross, that Brad had cooties. I mean, I was twelve." It was inappropriate for sure...

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5. Leonardo DiCaprio

If you are Leonardo's fan, this confession can break your heart. DiCaprio got on the list of the most popular actors after he played Jack Dawson in the Titanic. Three years later, he starred in the lesser-known film The Beach. In this movie, Leonardo's partner was Virginie Ledoyen, who did not say good words about love scenes she shared with him. Virginie said in one interview, "I think Leonardo is a nice guy, but I wouldn't want him as a lover. There [was] no honest passion. No real sensitivity in our love scenes. In our underwater love scenes, all I could think of was not drowning. I can't even remember his kiss."

6. Orlando Bloom

Some of the fans of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series were disappointed that Elizabeth Swann chose Willa Turner over Captain Jack Sparrow; the others were jealous that he had a chance to kiss them both! In fact, Keira Knightley would probably prefer kisses with Johhny Depp than from Orlando. In interviews, she said: "Johnny Depp certainly wasn't bad". Another time she added that Orlando Bloom's kisses were at least weird and awkward and she had to mark them with her acting skills. Maybe this is why she doesn't want to play in next movies from this series...

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7. Harrison Ford

He is a very talented actor; he is, for instance, an unstoppable Indiana Jones and a brave witty Han Solo from Star War, but unfortunately for the ladies he plays with, he is a bad kisser! Helen Mirren in an interview for BBC said "The nicest, sweetest guy you could want to meet. But he can't kiss—he finds it impossible to kiss on screen." She even discussed it with other women who had such an experience and they were similarly unimpressed with Ford's skills.

8. Angelina Jolie

Although her privet life is full of controversies, she is considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world and also a very good actress. Some people still hate her for the destruction of a marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, recently others don't like that she is divorcing him. Maybe they will be pleased knowing that she is not that much of a good kisser as she looks like. James McAvoy, who played with her in the movie Wanted, said: "I can tell you what it was like to kiss her on a film set: awkward, sweaty and not very nice."

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