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9 Things men just LOVE about women!

Many women do not realize that men very often pay attention to details. Things which may seem petty to women are crucial elements for men, it’s about how they perceive their current or future girlfriend. When it comes to males, the well-known saying “the devil is in the details” is very up-to-date here. Men can even notice a really small detail in woman’s appearance or her behavior, which are not quite obvious for women to notice. What practices and which details make a man be interested in a woman?

1. Training together

If your boyfriend or husband is a big fan of different kinds of sport and just loves to spend many hours at the gym, you should try to join him. Apart from the fact that your silhouette will be shaped, your beloved will be able to know that you share his passion as much as he enjoys it. Moreover, males like when women care about themselves and about their health. It’s because they want them to be healthy and live a long life together.

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2. Support and understanding

There is nothing more valuable for men than showing that you support them and understand as well. Especially in situations that they need some support and understanding from your side. It can be a football match and together they watch it in your house, sometimes even with your friends. It can be literally every other sport that your beloved one likes to watch and support. According to psychologists, showing your understanding during an important match is very important to a man. He totally appreciates that his woman is able to watch this for all this time with patience.

3. Your dressing style

Clothes that are comfortable for women, will not really be considered attractive for men. Some parts of our outfit, even though they’re really comfortable and convenient for women, can make a man just go away. Men especially pay attention to what women wear and how they can emphasize their advantages and curves. Therefore, wearing loose sweats or a torn undershirt at home is not the best way to draw his attention, really!

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4. Having fun together

If your boyfriend or husband is a huge fan of playing video games, it’s worth from time to time to grab a joystick and join him in playing. As mentioned above on training together with your partner, the same here: man really appreciates woman’s devotion and time spent together doing this kind of things. Although he surely knows that you’re not a big fan of video games or football, he will honestly recognize your effort and will make it up to you in the future.

5. Walking barefoot

Men generally think that walking barefoot is tempting indeed. Males just love to watch women walking this way around the house, because they believe this is the way of drawing attention to their sensuality. Additionally, what is scientifically proven, walking without shoes on is really healthy for us since it helps us relax and rest after a heavy day at work or school. What is more, walking barefoot toughen you organism up and makes us immune to many infections.

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6. Your natural look

It is a common truth that men, in general, appreciate women’s natural behavior and natural beauty as well. As we know, men are visualizers so even after many years of a relationship with the same woman they do not stop paying attention to woman’s appearance. The eagle eye of a man will notice some extra weight, roots or even wrinkled and worn-out clothes and he will do it at once. Some men don’t like women with too much make-up as well, so remember it next time you do your make-up.

7. Relaxing together

Spending time together with your beloved one is a great way to make your bonds stronger. Men love when a woman lays her head carelessly on his knees and falls asleep in this position. This means that a woman trusts her man endlessly what additionally makes a bond between the two even stronger. What is more, men love to be helpful and useful in every situation, so they are very proud when they are able to hear an expression “thank you” said to them.

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8. Listening to him carefully

Most of the men appreciate a good ability of women to listen to them carefully. Your problems cannot be solved unless you sit down together and discuss them. They love when women show they care. Surprisingly, a man sometimes likes to tell all his problems to a partner. We may think that generally men are withdrawn and not eager to show their feelings. However, if they find a good partner for a conversation, they are willing to share their sadness or happiness.

9. Your self-confidence

A woman needs to know her value. She shouldn’t hide with all of her complexes. To be honest, men don’t even notice them unless we tell them. You need to realize, you’re beautiful just the way you are and you do deserve to be respected. It’s all about being happy with yourself. Men just love women who know their value and are self-confident. Therefore, they feel comfortable with you and are happy to be with someone like you. But remember not to let your self-confidence dominate your relationship. The partnership is the most important aspect for you.

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