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The secret behind the red thread on the wrist

Probably you have seen many stars both in Hollywood and in Bollywood that are wearing a red thread on their wrist. At first, we all can assume that this is only a simple ornament which actually became famous around the world. But there is always something behind every trend. Actually, the red thread has been known and used as an amulet since antiquity. It was a protective talisman which was supposed to attract positive energy for those who carry it. Other people think that such a bracelet will bring its owner prosperity and well-being. But this is also a symbol of some beliefs.

Seeing stars as Madonna, Demi Moore, Britney Spears or Sushmita Sen with red thread on their wrist, you might be sure that they are Kabbalah believers. For them, this red thread is a protective talisman, which supposed to protect the user from the evil eye, accidents, failures and other negative experiences of life. But what actually is Kabbalah? It is a mystical-esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism, but actually, it varies according to the tradition and aims of those who are following it.

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Some say that star's version of this belief does not have much in common with the real Kabbalah and it is more like a mix of New Age mysticism, popular psychology, and only elements of Jewish tradition. And it is made only to collect their money. But it is known that they offer to advise how to cure illness, how to find the perfect partner, how to solve life problems. That's why some people believe that red thread on their wrist will protect them from demons and evil. Others go to the historical background saying that this is a symbol of Rachel's red thread, which has to bring happiness into love.

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In one of an interview, Sushmita Sen said: "We are talking about anti-aging and stuff. All of this is to age gracefully, not to fight it, not restrict yourself to other people's' definition of aging or of growing old. Through Kabbalah, I found ways to stay young and yet, gracefully accept that every single line on your face is something you've earned. So as long as you enjoy and cherish them, you're going to age gracefully and like who you are."

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For the thread to fulfill its purpose, there are rules of its assumption and wearing. First of all, it is necessary to tie it around the left wrist when you are in a solemn mood and in a quiet place. It needs to be done by a friendly and trustworthy person. The one who is close to us and cares about us. While tying it, you should recite your favorite prayers or affirmations about abundance and wellbeing. It is very important that there are good intentions during this action that will attract success and happiness for you.

This red thread should be made with the natural fiber, it must be pure wool and must have been obtained from the beginning if it is going to be used as an amulet. Also the number of knots matters. We tie the thread with seven knots and we should think about a wish for each knot that is made. The excess thread, we cut and put into the wallet "to be wealthy". You need to remember that we do not remove the threads until it falls down itself. But what if this happen?

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When it does, don't be afraid because it is good. Its cut or rupture means that it has fulfilled its destiny and has attracted all the negative energy it has been able to and cannot do it any longer. It means that it has taken care of you for a very long time, its protective power has been working and its role is done. If we have a need we can create another red thread. And what about the color?

The color of the thread also is important, because it has a great impact on the human's mood and feelings. Red is associated with love, activity, and enthusiasm. It helps to fight boredom, laziness, and depression while it is making people more cheerful and energetic. But we should be careful and remember that if there is too much red, such as in our clothes or surrounding, it can cause psychological overload. Then it is expressed by discomfort, irritability, hyperactivity, anger, anger with increased blood pressure.

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While the red color is the most recognized and popular and it seems recommended by Kabbalah people use different colors to attract everything to their life. So:
– Orange is used for the healthy ambitions, the nobility, the purity and the harmony
– Ros has to provide us with true and passionate love for a long time
– Violet helps to stimulate creativity and the imagination
– Black attracts stability and tranquility
– White to make us wiser and sincere

Besides the red or any color threads, there are many other items that can be used to remind us of our own power and abilities. Talismans and amulets can be very different and depend on every taste, belief, and budget, you can choose a talisman that makes you comfortable with wearing it, has a mining for you and that speaks to your imagination. After all, you are the one who will actually fulfill your life plans.

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