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How many times are we born and on which number are we now?

Katha Upanishad said: “The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced from anyone; Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain.”. Throughout history, several ideas and thoughts about reincarnation have been present. Some theories were more credible and some not so much, but this issue in different cultures is a fact, or so they think. There have been some theories about us being born more than once and the one we are going to talk about today says we are born 7 times! Stay with us to see which number you are on now!

1. The infant

The infant just like the name is quite self-explanatory. Right when you are born is said to be the first time you have entered this world. The time when you have no idea about anything surrounding you. Everything is just brand new and you are starting to realize how the world works. Every attempt meets failure at this stage. Everything works totally different from the way you have planned it. Things are just not going your way and it might but just the stage you are in right now!

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For the ones that feel like they are stuck at this stage of life, we need to remind you that this is only the first step. Even though right now the life seems like an impossible task to handle, things will get a lot better. Right now is the given chance you have to try things and fail so that when you to go the next stage of your life, the second time you are to be born, you know what is right and what is wrong. You can make sense of everything that is surrounding you and can make better life decisions.

2. The learner

The second time you are born, your soul is no longer new to this world. You have done all the mistakes you could have made in your first life and now it is time to move forward and learn. In this stage, you spend most of your time thinking and analyzing how people and their mind work. How emotions are set and formed. If right now you are analyzing everything, you are on this number. Success is not what you are looking for currently. Learning how to deal with things is more important.

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3. The explorer

This time you are born to explore new thing. The third time that you were reborn is when your heart is taking the leash and is inviting you to explore new things and new ideas. You will find out that this time you are interested in trying new things adding some salt and excitement to your life. Since you have already learned a lot and passed the first stage of life, now you face new experiences with so much excitement and the way you handle them is more mature than before.

4. The lover

This life is the one for the lovers! In this life, you have already learned what you had to and have experienced all you could. Now the inner you is what you are going to explore. You will find out more about yourself and the way your heart feels. You start feeling the real love. Finding the one that is meant to be your other half. To find out if you are at this stage or not, we have a clue to help you. If you find yourself content with all the aspects of your life and all you need right now is the love everyone always talks about, this is the stage you are in! The fourth one.

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5. The achiever

The achiever is the time that you are coming to this world to go and get everything you want! You have already learned what you needed to learn in your previous lives, loved whoever you were meant to fall in love with and now it is the time for you to go down the path toward success. Achieving things is all you can think of. Everything finally falls into place and things start working out for you when you least expect it. This is the phase of your life that is filled with success.

6. The giver

Have you ever seen someone who puts others first and makes sure that they are fine before he/she is?! That person is in the 6th stage of life. When you are at the sixth stage, things change. All you can think about is giving others what you have already gained. Giving a helping hand to the ones that have not still reached this stage in their lives. Maybe this can be one of the most beautiful times you have been born because you see the beauty in other people’s lives. And the last stage is…

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7. The transcendence

Transcendence stage is the last stage of your life. You are born this last time to pay attention to the growth of your soul. It is now way more than the life on earth. You are detached from the world on this earth and the drama with people in life is terribly boring to you. You want nothing to have with the life and all you can think about is transcendence. You wish to live your life in peace and isolation from other people. Your soul is traveling to a better world.

Whatever stage of life you are in, try your best to live your life to the fullest because this is the first and the last time you will be living that life of yours. Try to find out the aim and the goals of the stage you are at and move forward accordingly. Remember that at the end of the day, you are going to enjoy every second of your life and get what you deserve the most in that life.

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