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Published 2017-12-05
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Things that they should have taught us at school...

At school, they teach us a lot of things, some very useful and others not so much depending on what each student studies. Many subjects were difficult to understand and, perhaps, if our teachers had used some more visual methods, they would have been clearer to us and we would understand it more easily. With this, we do not refer to an elaboration itself or to the teacher who explains the matter. We refer to a clearer way which shows exactly how some things should be explained and teach, through a video or images that make us understand the teacher's explanation.

Things that they should have taught us at school... 1

Here we bring you a selection of clips, which will help you understand many of the things that if they were explained to you in class you would understand them much better and would pay more attention to it. This is how your hands look once you wash them. If you compare how they look after 3 seconds and 30 seconds later, you can see what happens when they are cleaned. There is still a little bit of cream at the beginning and 27 seconds later it almost disappears. We are sure you're surprised, you have not heard any of this information before.

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Things that they should have taught us at school... 2

We use such a system every day, but without thinking about how it works. So, let's see- this is what happens when you enter the keys in the lock. Now it is much easier to understand how the system of opening the doors works and maybe even the way it sometimes gets stuck. While the key is entering, the cylinders are aligned until they are at the same height, allowing the turning movement is possible. Interesting, isn't it?

This is perfect for those people who are against sunscreen, they struggle not to wear it because they think it does not do anything. Well with this gif these people will be able to verify that the protective effect it does on our skin. Although with several movements it seems that they no longer have cream on the face, this is how it really looks thanks to an ultraviolet vision.
Have you ever stopped to analyze how dogs drink water? It will surprise you.

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Probably many times you thought about how dogs can drink with their tongues because they apparently do not collect any drops of water. With this video, you can see how they bend the tongue so that when they enter it into the water they create a kind of hole where the water stays and they quickly put it in their mouths. Obviously, they have to do it several times and fast enough to be able to hydrate properly. Now you know how easy it is to tilt the bottle to drink water as we do.

This video shows the size of the Earth compared to the largest known star in the universe, the hypergiant Canis Majoris. Seeing this, we can understand the immensity of the universe and how insignificant we are, and why we don't know much of the possibility of existence on other planets. Such a material shows the greatness of nature and the masterpiece of creation even with this insignificant size.
Further, we show you the changes suffered by a denture with the famous braces.

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The change in our teeth that is made by the use of braces is really impressive. How they look at the very beginning and how well they are at the end makes a big difference in the face. Thanks to this series of images it is possible to see the evolution in the correction of teeth from the beginning to the end. Although possibly after watching this video you might not consider putting these irons in your mouth. It looks scary, but it is worth it.

If you don't want anyone to see what you do while using your computer or you want to prevent someone from entering your home and trying to use your computer for any reason, do this. Only with these glasses, you will be able to see the screen and the rest will not be able to do it. After watching this gif, you might consider whether it is worthwhile or not to remove the layer of the monitor to have the exclusivity of seeing its content. Although of course it could also be used to watch 3D movies.
Have you ever thought what a chicken egg looks like inside?

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This video shows the content of an egg while it is in the water. It is strange and impressive at the same time as it seems like a living being drifting at the sea. With this, you can see the differences that there are when an object is on the surface or in the sea, while the behavior and adaptation are totally different. Surely you had never thought about doing this simple experiment before, even though you would have everything within your reach in a very simple way.

By using a laser that points to a bottle of water, you will see the straight line through the bottle. But if an incision is made in the bottle and just pointed to that hole, the line will not continue in the same direction as before. The line will follow the jet of water that comes out of the hole. If you had imagined that the laser was going to follow the straight path, you are probably 99% of normal people.
Although we have studied this moment many times, we can never stop thinking about what it is like to swallow through X-rays.

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This video shows what happens when you are drinking and its seen with X-rays. Although it seems to be quite abrupt when the liquid passes from the mouth to the throat, it is something that is done every day. Really, as you can see for yourselves, it's not painful at all. What is surprising is the way in which all parts of our body fit perfectly. Seeing such a process is thrilling!

This video shows the numbers of flights that depart during 24 hours. As you can see, it is a large number of aircraft on our planet, especially in Europe and North America. It is amazing how there are a lot of ships that circulate in the air and that a disaster does not happen every day. Of course, if there are so many, it is because they are safe.
Probably you have watched many videos of how a baby is formed. Still, we are sure you have NEVER thought about how the face is generated.

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This gif is really amazing! It shows how a person's face is formed while in the womb. It is incredible to be able to see how it is generated and, most importantly, how this part of the human body ends up being the identity of each one. Moving from being a kind of mass to being completely a baby head ready to be born is an event that is repeated all over the world millions of times each day.

Here you can see the flowering process of a dandelion. Since the flower is opened to the maximum allowing to see that spectacular yellow to finish in what we all know, with a characteristic look similar to a fluff. Going through all its phases, you can see how impressive the process itself is, while we generally do not have enough time to see it naturally.
In the math class, they teach us how the Pythagorean Theorem works, but NEVER in such a clear and visual way.

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A graphic demonstration of the famous Pythagorean Theorem, in which the sum of the squared legs is equal to the hypotenuse squared. Surely if this visual example had been shown in the match class everything would have been easier to understand. Sometimes a visual example is better than a 30-minute explanation with all kinds of complex words and using theories that we learn in an almost musical way.

This video shows what happens when a star enters a black hole. It is distorted in such a way that creates such an impressive and beautiful effect. You probably know enough things about black hole but many theories are still to be confirmed. What is interesting is that even knowing more and more about it, still it is not known much about its operation. Will we discover the secrets soon?

On the other hand, did you know what cheetahs use their long tails for?

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This is a video that shows how a simple helmet turns into a perfect camouflage helmet. Maybe you want to use it in the near future, but still, it is interesting to know it. This way of painting by introducing the object in the liquid is a great advance in the world of priming since once you have the dye, you simply have to put in this liquid that will adapt perfectly to the object. With this, you get the best possible primer.

The cheetah uses its tail to redirect the run when its prey changes direction to evade it. In this gif, you can see how at each movement of the gazelle, the cheetah imitates its move without losing balance and moving the tail to maintain stability. An incredible factor that makes this animal even more impressive and dangerous. And probably only a few knew it before.

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