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Published 2017-12-05
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Things that they should have taught us at school...

We use such a system every day, but without thinking about how it works. So, let's see- this is what happens when you enter the keys in the lock. Now it is much easier to understand how the system of opening the doors works and maybe even the way it sometimes gets stuck. While the key is entering, the cylinders are aligned until they are at the same height, allowing the turning movement is possible. Interesting, isn't it?

This is perfect for those people who are against sunscreen, they struggle not to wear it because they think it does not do anything. Well with this gif these people will be able to verify that the protective effect it does on our skin. Although with several movements it seems that they no longer have cream on the face, this is how it really looks thanks to an ultraviolet vision.
Have you ever stopped to analyze how dogs drink water? It will surprise you.

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