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Published 2017-12-05
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Things that they should have taught us at school...

Probably many times you thought about how dogs can drink with their tongues because they apparently do not collect any drops of water. With this video, you can see how they bend the tongue so that when they enter it into the water they create a kind of hole where the water stays and they quickly put it in their mouths. Obviously, they have to do it several times and fast enough to be able to hydrate properly. Now you know how easy it is to tilt the bottle to drink water as we do.

This video shows the size of the Earth compared to the largest known star in the universe, the hypergiant Canis Majoris. Seeing this, we can understand the immensity of the universe and how insignificant we are, and why we don't know much of the possibility of existence on other planets. Such a material shows the greatness of nature and the masterpiece of creation even with this insignificant size.
Further, we show you the changes suffered by a denture with the famous braces.

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