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Published 2017-12-05
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What the moles on your body reveal about your personality?!

People have long believed that moles on the body have a special meaning and define the personality of their owner. Indian and Chinese astrology on the basis of the mole can not only present the characteristics of a human but also predict his/her future. Interestingly, the signs that symbolize happiness are often hidden and hard to see. But in addition to the place, the interesting meaning have also the color of the mole and its shape. Keep reading to find out more...

Maybe you don't know but very dark, black or red moles are considered good. Similarly, smooth and shiny ones. Moles that are mixed up with red, white or yellow, unfortunately, generally portend failure in relationships. What's more, the darker the mark is, the stronger is its impact. Rounded moles are supposed to have a positive meaning, while those with pointy shapes are considered negative. The marks exist in many places on the human body, so see the meaning of a few of them...

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What the moles on your body reveal about your personality?! 1

A mole on the shoulder

A person with a mole on his arm is sensitive and obligatory. He must complete each case that he started. Such a person will probably succeed, but it will require a lot of work and effort. A mark on the right shoulder is characterized by a wise person, a person who is a chatter with tendencies to quarrel has it on the left. A person with a sign on both arms copes well in any situations, is helpful and willingly devotes attention to others.

A mole on the back

A person with a mole on the back is a generally born leader. He has good health and is brave in his actions. However, the precise positioning of the mark is also important here. A mole in the lower part of the back means a person who is whining and unhappy about his life. The one that has a mark on the top of the back is conscientious and obligatory. He acts morally and according to established rules. A mole on the side is characterized by a happy, bold and sociable person.

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A mole on the leg

If the mole is on the right thigh, its owner will be lucky and successful, and on the left means financial trouble. The mole near the ankle is characterized by men without the courage and willingness to risk and intelligent women. The mark on the calf refers to a careless person. If the person has a mole on the right knee, it is expected that he/she will have a good relationship, and if it is on the left, the person is temperamental and fiery.

A mole on the feet

People with a mole on the right foot have a happy disposition and love to travel. They are sociable, value company, they like fun and physical activity. The mark on the left foot is characterized by bright people who are eager to learn and like intellectual challenges. They like to know, although not necessarily travel. In both cases, a mole on the feet means success.

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A mole on the stomach

The mole in this place is characterized by a very stubborn and persistent person in pursuing the goal. Thanks to the hard work they can achieve big success. People with a mole on their stomach have a big life for which they want more and more. They never stop and like to impose their sentence on others. A sign near the navel is a sign of developed maternal instinct. This is a person who wants to have a family and take care of them.

A mole on the breast

Mole on the breast characterizes a person who is professional and successful in life. If a mole is located in the area of the right breast it symbolizes a difficult life combined with problems and happiness. This is a person who likes to be praised and admired. A mole in the area of the left breast sympathizes the sensitiveness and good heart. Although this person has problems with making decisions.

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A mole on the shoulder

The mole on the palm

The mole in this place is characterized by a person who has many talents and is capable in many areas of life. She/he will generally have significant success. In addition, people with a mark on the right hand are good and industrious; but it is better not to do business with those who have a sign on their left hand. A person with a mole on the inner right hand's palm will have a rich life, while the one with a sign on the inner left pale will be extravagant.

The mole on the buttocks

A mole on the buttocks means a person who can cope with any situations and is able to adapt to any companies. Nevertheless, it is mostly a lazy person who is reluctant to take any action. However, with these features, this person has a lot of happiness in life, is sociable and liked by others. Rather, he/she has no financial problems and everything comes easily to this person.

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A mole on the back
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The place of the mole on the body reveals your personality!
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