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9 Women's hairstyles that MEN hate!

As we have written many times in our articles, men are visualizers. They pay attention not only to the silhouette but also to the dress, makeup or haircut of the woman. Unfortunately not every woman knows how to choose a hairstyle for the type of her beauty. There are also hairstyles that men simply do not like.
Here are 9 examples that you should avoid in the future if you want to be attractive to him!

1. Hairstyle after using a straightener

Naturally straight hair, especially when they are long can be very sexy. That's why many women choose and too often use a straightener to have such hair. But men do not like them like that. They think that the hair looks like dried up wires. They are dropping. When you get close and touch them, it feels like you are touching paper. Men immediately notice how unhealthy that is.

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2. Artistic disorder

Recently it is a very fashionable and popular hairstyle, which looks like a woman risen from the bed, and was unkempt. And although this is the intended effect, it does not particularly appeal to men. Makes the impression of a sloppy style. It can be worn at home, but not after going out or working. According to men, it spoils the image of a woman and makes her look less attractive than she really is.

3. Messy Bun

Another popular haircut which men do not like is messy Bun. Although men enjoy when a woman reveals and shows her neck, it is rare to find a woman attractive with such a hairstyle. According to some gentlemen, because of such a hairstyle, women lose their grace and charm. In addition, most women in the streets look the same. Men underline that individualism counts...

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4. Powerful curls

If you are not Brazilian with Afro, or you do not naturally have dense curly hair, do not do such a haircut! Of course, men like curls, but only when they are natural and look so. Men emphasize that the more natural hairstyle you have the better. And when a girl has too strong curls, she does not presents herself the best and starts to look like she is wearing an artificial helmet.

Sometimes women are so fond of wanting to be original that they surrender to fantasy too much. They look like women from a hairdressing show - they have hairstyles which reminds bow, heart, massive bun, weird braids. For men, such a haircut has no moderation and simplicity. Even if they find it a time-consuming work of hairdressing art, they are afraid to touch your hair.

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6. Dreadlocks

Of course, it depends on the culture and probably the care, but most men believe that having this hairstyle is just an attempt to attract the attention. Maybe dreadlocks are original and express another interesting personality, but according to men, such a hairstyle do not fit women. Men also note that this kind of hairdo is associated with dirt, and this does not testify well about the woman.

7. Shaved in the back, or on the side

According to gentlemen, this is the worst hairstyle that was invented by a woman. If a guy looks back for a woman with such a haircut, it's just because she looks awful. Gentlemen cannot understand that women do this on purpose. This hairdo looks unnatural and even masculine. Women with such hairstyles lose their delicate charm and make an impression to not talk to them.

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8. Elegant Bob

It is said that such a hairstyle is synonymous with elegance and good taste.This extremely popular haircut must be very well done and cared to make women look attractive. In spite of fashion, it does not fit every face or figure, not to mention hair. It should be forbidden for women with strong hair. Meanwhile, for most gentlemen, it looks like a helmet.

9. Colorful streaks

Another trend, but this time not in the hairstyle but dying, which men cannot understand. As we have already highlighted in this article, men value naturalness in women. Therefore, even if a man says that the effect of colored streaks is not horrible, he adds that it is still unnatural. Simply none of the gentlemen feel green or purple hair is attractive!

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