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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you...

The process, which we call "the game to seduce a man", is relatively simple since, according to studies, men visualize much more than women and therefore this costs less work. However, most women are unaware of the instructions of this game, because they are sure that the weight of the art of seduction rests on man. Although when they know the best tricks in seduction women can easily win the heart of a man who they think is very attractive. They are still very protective of this matter.

12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 1

Of course, women can be right, since, for evolutionary reasons, women tend to be more careful in the search for their lover. Millions of years ago, the females had a series of genes, which were transmitted from generation to generation, and we are talking about those which helped them survive in the Paleolithic. For example: If we bring a woman from 600,000 years ago and compare her with another woman of the XXII century, from the genotypic point of view, no great difference can be seen.

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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 2

Now, going to the subject, women like men, have a natural instinct that tells them who will be worth knowing and you can raise or lower the passion and interest depending on the subtle phrases that you mention and how you do it. Next, we will show you a series of sensually powerful phrases, which can drive the man whom you are attracted to so crazy. We can assure you that it is worth to know them and no matter what the women's history, be the master of seduction.

12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 3

1. "Your lips drive me to madness":
It can work to get a man out of that logical state and introduce him to the emotional one. This phrase is really powerful, so by saying it, more than once, he will go crazy.

2. "I feel my heart speed up when I approach you":
While saying this phrase, you have to walk towards the man, without any hurry, and look into his eyes, with a burning look that can be read as: "You turn me on, come to me".

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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 4

3. I have to tell you something: "You turn me on":
We recommend you to approach him and slowly releasing that desire for lust into his ear. He will feel a kind of fire inside him, that you have provoked. It will also increase your self-esteem. Try it and tell us how it goes!

4. I have to tell you something: "You look hot today"
Just when you open your sensual mouth and mention this phrase, you will make that man that you love so much feel your great passion. This simple word "hot" will awaken his desire.

12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 5

Now that you have reached here, we will mention some less powerful sentences compared to the previous ones, but without a doubt, still, useful and winning.

5. "I feel like I've known you forever"
Mentioning this, you will make him feel deeply and emotionally attracted to you since his unconscious mind will associate this phrase with past experiences of comfort and warm moments.

6. "You'll have to work a little harder if you want to win me"
This amazing phrase carries with it a great power, while it will influence again his unconscious, and he will see that you are a girl of actions.

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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 6

7. "I love you"
We put this phrase in this section because it is frequently used every day, so many neural connections related to the attraction are not created after hearing it. But if you really feel that you want to mention this phrase all the time, you are 100% free to do so.

8. "I believe enormously in you"
Most of the time, we think that to turn on the man, women have to use very technical and complicated words. But sometimes, it is enough to show how much you trust him.

12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 7

9. "Are you ready for a hot night? I do!"
Having made several advances in the game, such as: create attraction and comfort, you can say it, at this level, you will be ready to create a nocturnal meeting. You can also send this phrase by text message or Facebook to fantasize a bit.

10. "I will support you at all times, with anything you want in life"
We believe that one of the evolutionary reasons for which humans create relationships is because we always need help on a particular subject and we want to have that person who encourages and supports us.

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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 8

Finally, we will give you a BONUS, which in addition to increasing his attention and tension towards you, will create a smile on his lips.

11. "And for the dessert, cake!"
Do not forget that, one of the smartest ways to make men love you goes through the stomach.

12. "Today I'm not going to watch TV, the remote control is all yours"
Most of them like to watch football, horse races, and even some movies. So letting him have the remote control will make him flatly happy. Try it!

12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 9

It should be noted that, when you leave behind your comfort zone, doing things you have never done before, all the phrases described above will leave you with total peace of mind. You can start with the less powerful phrases and rise up the flame of passion little by little, and so you can be able to turn your beloved man on and make him go crazy for you.
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12 Phrases that make your man crazy about you... 10
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