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The dark side and the good side of people born in DECEMBER!

People that are born in December have the influences of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that make them have a remarkably unique personality. For those born from December 1st to December 21st, Sagittarius Zodiac sign applies and for the people born from December 22nd to December 31st, Capricorn Zodiac sign. We have gathered all the traits of the positive side and the negative side of each Zodiac sign so keep reading to understand the best features of each one of them.

Born 1 to 21 DECEMBER (Sagittarius): Positive side

The people who were lucky enough to be born in the first part of December were born with a ray of positivity that always turns out to be their most marked feature. Thanks to their superior intelligence, they can see the best of each situation. They quickly become the fuel that makes everyone move towards their own objectives without them feeling the slightest suspicion that something could go remotely wrong. Another one of the most outstanding characteristics of this group is their eagerness for adventure in the most enjoyable way possible.

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They are always the first to launch into crazy projects in search of emotions and get everyone to accept their conditions thanks to their unparalleled sense of humor. Thanks to their innovative spirit, they are usually very creative. Giving rise to a true mine of ideas. Work-wise, this feature is their strongest suit. It also allows them to be able to face problems in a very different way from the rest, being a great adviser for delicate moments. Even so, not everything is positive about them. Let’s learn more about that later, shall we?!

Born from 22 to 31 DECEMBER (Capricorn): Positive side

On the opposite side of the month, we find a diametrically opposed personality, with great features based on loyalty and personal work. They have a great capacity to strive and to take full advantage of the fruit they produce. They also have an unlimited capacity for recovery and energy that allows them to carry their own rhythm without anyone intimidating them. Another highlight of their personality is the brutal honesty they profess. This feature makes them be taken into account as counselors and friends.

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An unrealistic realism that serves as an anchor to reality for the most dreamers prevents them from ending up crashed when something goes wrong. They simply prefer to strive and to carry out all that they can and not go through the branches. Their marked sense of intelligent and humor makes them excellent companions. Without a doubt, they become the focus of all the conversations in which they participate. While it is true that they do not like companies too much, if you are one of the chosen ones with whom they make an exception, you will find an intelligent, wise, restrained and practical interlocutor.

Born 1 to 21 DECEMBER (Sagittarius): Negative side

On the opposite side of the scale, the people born under the influence of Jupiter come with a rudeness that makes them scare everyone away when their plans do not come out as expected. Also in return for their great intelligence, they often consider themselves as true geniuses in any matter, being evident when they are mistaken quite frequently. Of course, these two aspects go hand in hand in most of the occasions acting like a real time bomb. They are usually marked as very voluble and moody people that often leads them away from big issues and is quickly discarded in complex situations.

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Sometimes their memory may also end up playing tricks, as they tend to forget their commitments. This linked to a serious lack of punctuality makes them very unreliable people in the eyes of others. In spite of this, they do not usually do it with bad intentions. That is the reason why, in the majority of cases, they end up forgiving it to the whole world. However, it is something that will always become the focus of all kinds of problems.

Born from 22 to 31 December (Capricorn): Negative side

The counterpart of the members of the second group is their great stubbornness. Because they are people with good self-confidence, it is very difficult to change their opinion once they decide, and since they are prone to absolute realism, sometimes all they think about is the negative side of each situation. It is, therefore, a real drag on projects that do not have much initial support. This usually causes them to be unable to carry out their true dreams. Another one of the struggles these people have to deal with is that they are very focused on their inner world, for good and for bad.

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That makes them reserved and tremendously selfish-beings who do not like to share their time with unnecessary projects according to their plans. However, they are not bad companions if you cross their barriers with the necessary affection.They always end up letting everything be governed by a good or bad and this makes them lose many good opportunities for not being 100 percent perfect.


The conclusion that we draw is that people that were born in the month of December are full of contrasts, but they also are the ones who share a good capacity to achieve their own goals in the way that they consider themselves more positive. However, knowing these aspects does not mean that they will ALWAYS be fulfilled since each individual can relate only to some of the points on our list. Always try to make choices based on what is getting you closer to the idol version of you that you have in mind.

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