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9 Celebrities and their long-lost twins

Everyone wishes they could be a famous celebrity and live in the limelight. Some people want to be famous singers while the others wish they could be popular actors on the big screen. Don’t quit your day job because even if some of these actors fall off, they have look-alikes to replace them straight away.

Check out this list of famous celebrities who get confused for each other all of the time!

1. Melanie Chisholm and Kate Middleton

Melanie Chisholm was one of the founding members of pop girl supergroup “The Spice Girls”. She was known as Sporty Spice and under this moniker, she was a big part of what helped the group sell 80 million records. Kate Middleton is the wife of England's Prince William. She is well known for her charity work and philanthropy as she was selected by Time Magazine to their 100 most influential people list.

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2. Aishwarya Rai and Sara Carbonero

Aishwarya Rai launched her career into stardom doing a commercial for Pepsi in 1993. In 1994 she won the Miss World pageant and that put her on the international stage. Since that time she has been in many hit films and is considered one of the most influential actresses in Bollywood. Sara Carbonero is the wife of the famous football goalie, Iker Casillas. She is a Spanish sports journalist and reporter.

3. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

Zooey Deschanel is a prominent actress and singer-songwriter. Her breakthrough came in the early 2000’s and most recently she has been starring as the lead role in her own show that she produces called “New Girl”. Katy Perry doesn’t need an introduction as she is one of the biggest pop superstars of the last decade. With over 100 million records and 4 Guinness world records broken she is here to stay. These two superstars are known for their beautiful dark hair and bright eyes.

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4. John Barrowman and Tom Cruise

John Barrowman is a Scottish actor who began his career acting in the theater. Once he got into television he became more successful and scored some great roles. His resemblance to Tom Cruise is eerily similar. Cruise is now close to hitting 40 years of starring in blockbuster hits in Hollywood. He is one of the most successful actors of all time but has recently garnered criticisms due to his strong affiliations to the Church of Scientology.

5. Orlando Bloom and Prince Carl Philip

Orlando Bloom became a household name after his starring role in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. He then went on to cement that name after playing Will Turner in all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He has won many awards from his respective roles in these films. Prince Carl Philip is a Swedish prince who has seen great success from his part in the Swedish military. He is also a race-car driver and a graphic designer. It is sad to say that both of these men are eligible bachelors.

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6. Blake Lively and Ke$ha

The gorgeous Blake Lively rose to fame from her role in the hit TV show “Gossip Girl”. She also starred in big films such as “Accepted” and “Green Lantern”. Her doppelganger, Ke$ha, is a pop singer known for her breakthrough hit single “Tik Tok”. She has sold over 60 million records worldwide. It's not just the blonde hair these two beauties have in common, but also their facial features.

7. Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

How could we almost forget this duo! They started getting compared to each other as soon as Elijah Wood broke onto the scene. Daniel Radcliffe is no newcomer as his role as Harry Potter has forever captured our hearts. Elijah Wood starred in Lord Of The Rings as Frodo Baggins. Elijah Wood is also huge into charity work and philanthropy.

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8. Chris Hemsworth and Chace Crawford

Whether you remember him as Thor in all of the recent Marvel movies, or from that poster your girlfriend had on her bedroom wall, there is no doubt Chris Hemsworth is now a star. He now lives in Australia with his wife and 3 kids. While Chace Crawford is known mostly for his starring role in the hit TV show “Gossip Girl”. He starred alongside number 6 on our list, Blake Lively.

9. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor best-known for his role in “No Country For Old Men”. He was also the First Spanish actor to win the Oscar. Bardem is married to the famous actress Penelope Cruz. His Doppelganger Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is a very versatile actor performing in many movies as well as a lot of hit TV shows. Their resemblance might even be the closest on our list!

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