Published 2017-12-06
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What does your favorite type of shoe reveal about your personality?

Shoes are currently one of the most important elements of the outfit, both for men and women. People who follow fashion know exactly how to choose shoes to match the whole outfit. Despite the changing trends and times, each of us, however, has our favorite shoes, which he would like to go all day long. That's why we can confidently say that shoes are able to reveal who we are, what values we possess and what we expect from life. In the end, we differently perceive a woman in high heels, and different in Adidas.

That we choose shoes according to our personality is scientifically proven. Psychologists form Kansas conducted a study that showed that on the basis of footwear that we wear, others are able (up to 90%) to determine what character traits their owners have. It turned out that shoes, their shape, and color, not only determine the style or status of the financial, but above all our desires and character. See these results and check what your footwear says about your personality.

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If you are a girl who wears sneakers it means that you are the type of a boyish woman who rather avoids and does not like everything that is feminine. You are probably afraid to show your delicate nature so that you will not be hurt and that people will not stop to respect you. You are a realist person who does not look at emotions. You believe in your principles and in their observance you are consistent and stubborn. You do not give up and persistently pursue your goal. You just have to be careful not to hurt others.


If your favorite shoes are sports one, it means that you have a lot of energy and you are constantly looking for new places and experiences. You like extreme emotions, you live in the moment and you do not care about what others think. You do not follow fashion, you only choose what suits you the most. You are determined and you can mobilize people around you. Sometimes, however, you are too reckless to handle different things. Remember that you live in a society and there are also certain rules to respect.

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It is said that the higher they are, the more a woman wants to be noticed. In any case, if you like to wear high-heeled shoes, it means that you feel perfectly well as a woman and you know how to use your attributes. You know your strengths, you are confident and you only play a weak character in some circumstances. You like to be in the center of interest and you feel good in men's company. You're certainly doing great in many situations. Unfortunately, because everything is easy enough for you, you can easily be disappointed.


Women who choose wedge shoes are strong and determined by their actions. They know what they want from life, they are stubborn and they rarely listen to advice, even if they know that they are wrong. They do not give up easily, although they can get angry when others do not understand them. Often they assume everyone should think like them. Such women like when something happens to them and they are driven by their emotions.

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A woman who likes ballerina shoes is the most organized person and works logically. Although you manage a lot of things, you get them by trick. Rather, you avoid the fight. You are liked by others, do not impose your opinion on anyone and arouse positive emotions. You should only learn more to fight for yourself because often being around people with a strong personality, you become invisible.


A woman in such shoes has a very dominant character. You're strong and you know exactly what you want. You do not like weakness and do not care about others. Your friendship does not last long, you are very confident and independent. People always respect your opinion, although sometimes this is due to fear. But you always control the emotions and the situation. Your strength may, however, frighten a man, so try to feel like a woman from time to time.

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To sum up, people who choose comfortable and practical shoes are nice and polite, while shoes in earthy colors symbolize someone who is boring, people who stick to the sidelines and have trouble in making contacts. Popular shoes, those that do not attract attention, are chosen by people to whom the opinion of others is not important and which follow their own path. And original and happy shoes are chosen by tolerant, liberal and helpful people.

Eccentric, often at the same time uncomfortable and tight shoes are chosen by nervous and aggressive people, while flat and stable shoes are liked by a very fragile and well-organized person. Sports shoes and very comfortable one are chosen by people who are empathetic and full of new ideas and energy, and those who choose sandals are very passionate. Proponents of heavy footwear like to belong to some groups.

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