Published 2017-12-07
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Ranking of the WORST signs ordered from lowest to highest...

3. Taurus

They are stubborn, relentless and temperamental people. Taurus are usually close to their loved ones, so entering into an argument with them means that you will probably talk to their entire tribe. They will never admit that they are wrong, although they know that many times what they say is erroneous. They are very intense beings when they get upset, however, they do not show that much at the beginning. They will usually wear the mask to disguise what they feel at that moment.

3. Taurus

4. Virgo

You must respect what belongs to the Virgo because if someone plays with their possessions, it will be the last thing he does. You should never insult them because, in the end, they will be thinking for hours about what they did wrong. They love nature and peace, they are not aggressive and they have an open mind to any opinion of the people. In spite of these good virtues, they are the worst people to have an argument with, since they will not get tired until they win and they will achieve what they want.

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4. Virgo
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