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10 celebrities that you didn't know were Indian

Norah Jones

Norah Jones born on March 30, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, is the daughter of internationally known sitar player, Ravi Shankar. She’s a singer and pianist and has developed her own unique style of jazz, traditional vocal pop, and a little bit of country blues and contemporary folk. It’s clear that music runs in her blood, however, for most of her life she was estranged from him. Her birth name is Geetali Norah Jones Shankar.

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Ben Kingsley

No one would ever guess that Ben Kingsley is of Indian descent. He played the lead role in the movie biopic, Gandhi in 1982. If none of y’all has watched the classic, we recommend it, because it’s a must watch. Kingsley’s father has descents from Gujurat, which makes him half-Indian and half-British. His birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji, which he changed when he made a move to the film industry from theatre. But he was polite enough to ask his father’s permission, who gave him his full blessings.

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Samantha Jade

X-Factor Australia winner, Samantha Jade Gibbs is born on April 18, 1987 in Perth, Australia. She’s an Aussie singer, songwriter and actress. She was also a child model. Samantha Jade has stated several times that her father is half-Figian and half-Indian. Now it makes sense why she’s complete beauty. Almost like she’s the whole package. Good looks, great voice and a great personality.

Avan Jogia

Born on February 2, 1992, in Vancouver, Canada, he’s one of the rising stars of Hollywood. He launched his career with the movie A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story in 2006. Avon Jogia’s father is a British expat of with descents from Gujurat. He’s also half Welsh, English and German from his mother’s side. His blood is so international that he’s a mix of European, Asian and American. Well, we’re all officially really jealous of him and his good looks.

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Zuleikha Robinson

Actress and singer, Zuleikha Robinson was born on June 29, 1977 in London, United Kingdom. She’s known for her role in nightmare-ish TV drama Lost. She, just like our friend Avan Jogia, is a melting pot of cultures as well. Other than the Indian heritage which she gets from her mother, who is half-Burmese/Indian/Malay, she also has a little bit of English, Scottish and Iranian in her blood. THE JEALOUSY IS ALMOST REACHING IT’S PEAKS!

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Erick Avari

Born on April 13, 1952, in Darjeeling, India. Erick is an Indian-American actor who is known for his parts in science-fiction productions. His birth name is Nariman Eruch Avari and was born into a Parsi family. His great grandfather is Jamshedji Framji Madan who's one of the avant gardes of the Indian film industry during the early 20th century. It’s clear as day that acting and film is in his blood.

Jay Sean

British-Indian RnB singer, comes from a Sikh-Punjabi family. His real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti. Not many of his fans know of his Indian genes, however his fans in UK are very well aware of it. He became famous with his fusion hits of Hip Hop and Bhangra. And he ALMOST went to medical school. If that doesn’t make him more Indian, than we don’t what does. Most of you will know him from his famous hits Down and 2012.

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Nasser Hussain

Born on March 28, 1968 in Chennai, India. He used to be the English Cricketer and captain of the England Cricket team during 1999 and 2003. In July 2016, Nasser made his way into the Guiness Book of World Records, for catching a ball which was dropped by a drone 150 ft high. Nasser is Indian by birth and in lineage. His father is of Indian descent and his mother is English.

Sakina Jaffrey

Born on February 14,1962 in Manhattan, New York. Sakina is a succeeding generation Indian. Both her parents are flourished actors in not only in England but in India as well. She’s known for her role White House Chief of Staff in season 1 and season 2 of TV show drama House of Cards, she also acted in Fox’s Sleepy Hollow as Sheriff Leena Reyes.

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Danny Pudi

Daniel Mark Pudi was born on March 10, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, in United States. He’s an actor and comedian and he’s famous for his role on comedy TV show series Community, as Abed Nadir. In the show he acts as a Polish-Palestinian character. However, he’s actually Polish-Indian! Who would’ve known?
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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Wqit i swear this was under tag ur friend frm the rival club
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Zaka Hossain 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Yeah the first page keeps coming over and over.
Subhabrata Bhuyan
Subhabrata Bhuyan 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
What proud indian sshitt..
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Siddhant Verma London rivals..
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Wqit i swear this was under tag ur friend frm the rival club
Kunal Gaurav
Kunal Gaurav 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
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Nishit Nath
Nishit Nath 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
1.2 billion population. We have to be everywhere. Dont we?
Glenson D'souza
Glenson D'souza 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
They don't need to, bcoz there is nothing Indian about them except
Gourish Bajaj
Gourish Bajaj 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
I'm seeing many negative comments ! Can't we just enjoy the facts ?
Zayd Hassan
Zayd Hassan 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
These foreigners can't digest anything good about India.
Gourish Bajaj
Gourish Bajaj 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
Why can't they ? Leonardo DiCaprio's mother is amritdhari sikh !! He himself respects Indian culture a lot
Zayd Hassan
Zayd Hassan 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
These foreigners can't digest anything good about India.
Gourish Bajaj
Gourish Bajaj 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
Why can't they ? Leonardo DiCaprio's mother is amritdhari sikh !! He himself respects Indian culture a lot
Rajeev Chugh
Rajeev Chugh 1/7/17, 7:07 AM
The reason we do not know is because these so called celebrities do not even know and dont care that they are India.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 1/6/17, 7:06 AM
********. These celebrities hide their Indian roots. Nasser Hussain is more English than the British themselves!
Yash Shah
Yash Shah 1/6/17, 7:06 AM
Whoa i never Knew that Uncle Tamir is Gujarati!
Florence Silas
Florence Silas 1/6/17, 7:06 AM
What difference does it make, if they have Indian roots.
Kiran Kashyapi
Kiran Kashyapi 1/6/17, 7:06 AM
What nation will serve them back? We cant expect of course. We don't speak that.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 1/5/17, 7:06 AM
Bhai pakistanio ne kra tha yeh toh, google kar ;)
Apu Haz
Apu Haz 1/5/17, 7:06 AM
John Francis Pullikotil
John Francis Pullikotil 1/5/17, 7:06 AM
They are not Indian they are of Indian decent
Anoop R
Anoop R 1/5/17, 7:06 AM
Dear admin bro... We all are one... Humans are 99.99% same when taking DNA into account... The rest 0.01% determines a person's height, weight, color, character, etc. Learn to see yourself in others. Feel like the same, not as different... :)
Sidhant Jain
Sidhant Jain 1/5/17, 7:06 AM
"Were indian" seriously admin?-_-
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