Published 2017-12-07
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8 Surprising confessions of a celebrity bodyguard!

If you want to know the confessions of a celebrity bodyguard, you’re at the right place. had spoken to a celebrity bodyguard with more than 20 years of experience. Imagine how many celebrities trusted the safety of their lives with this man, who wanted to remain anonymous by the way. He also gives lessons on celebrity protection and behavioral protection. Oooh fancy, right? Who knew there were courses on that?

1. The bodyguards are recommended to other celebrities

According to him, if any of the celebrities or their agents and managers like you, there are more chances of you getting more offers of working for other famous people, no matter your background. And most of the people who work in this field has even got to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity for major events like the Grammys and Oscars.
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2. They're basically living their client's life

Eat when they eat, travel when they travel, go to the toilet when they go to the toilet. Okay, maybe the last part was a little bit of an exaggeration. But he said that they don't really have their own schedules when their job is to keep an eye on every move in their environment. They are also expected to keep a low profile by blending into their surroundings in order to not attract any attention.

3. They are not hired just for protection

You would have never guessed! All our lives what we saw in movies has all been a lie! These bodyguards don't walk around with guns everywhere! They do, but it's almost never necessary. A portable medical kit is the most important for them to have. Yup! You heard that right. Sorry to burst your bubble. He said that they have to protect their clients' from physical injuries and embarrassment.

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4. Social media is the #1 risk factor for celebrities

We know that sometimes fans can get quite obsessive over celebrity fan crush. And social media, with its location-based services, puts the clients' at higher risk than you can imagine. With the technology nowadays, it is not difficult at all to track the location points of photos, posts, and tweets. And we all know how scary it is when there’s a crazy stalker on the loose!

5. Celebrities can get highly demanding

He calls it 'diva demands.' And it means exactly what you think it means. These rich clients want everyone to be at their beck and call, which in turn also means you have to do everything for them exactly the way they want it to be. They are specific about what they want. Which makes them sound like they are spoilt. Well... Maybe they are...

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6. Celebrities are self-centered

Well, this explains why they expect you to do everything they order to do. They only care about themselves and their needs, and as long as they are satisfied, you won't have a problem. But they often forget you are humans too, and that you have your own life and family too. It is clear that these bodyguards don't have a glamorous life as we think they do.

7. Celebrities are much more predictable than you think

According to this bodyguard, he has seen it all that, and nothing comes to a surprise to him. Well, it makes sense since he has worked in this industry for more than two decades! stated him as saying, “I find those who are new to 'celebrity' make the same pitfalls and mistakes.”

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8. Celebrities may put bodyguards in awkward situations

He said that bodyguards are the buffer between the clients and the public and law enforcement. Which means that the first person to face a problem is the security, AKA the bodyguards. So there are chances that the bodyguards get into major trouble for something that the celebrities did! Sad and shocking, right? Their lives are much harder than expected.

So now that you know the confessions of a celebrity bodyguard, will you ever be one? Take the responsibility of taking someone else’s life into your hands? Even if it means risking yours? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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