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8 Reasons to grow a beard for your health

History facts about beards

Alexander the Great supposedly banned his soldiers from growing beards, due to his fear that enemies would hold on to them while fighting as they killed them. What is more, Hadrian (76-138AD) was apparently the first Roman ruler to grow a beard. Moreover, at 17ft 6in long, Hans Langseth's beard may have been the longest beard ever and after he died the beard was donated to the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Additionally, beards were obligatory in Afghanistan under the Taliban; they were banned by Albania's communist leader Enver Hoxha and lately for a while in Turkmenistan.

History facts about beards

1. Natural antibacterial protecion

If you have a beard, automatically and in a natural way you protect your skin from all kinds of bacteria. The sources of these bacteria may be different depending on the type of bacteria. Sometimes, when they get into open pores in your skin, they can bring many unwanted effects. A good solution in this situation is to grow a beard, so you will get rid of the problem. However, if you comb your beard very often, your skin generates more sebum, which is responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and protects you from bacteria and fungus.

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2. Blocks ultraviolet rays

Rays of the sun are harmful, almost everybody knows about this fact. The sun can injure our skin, and here we mean, sunburn or skin cancer. However, nowadays suntan is considered to be the sign of a person's beauty, health, and happiness. But it's not always like that. Having a beard can be a blessing in this matter. If you have an impressive thick beard, it can block up to 95% ultraviolet rays from the sun that gets to your skin while having a sunbathe. Therefore, you protect yourself from sunburn or getting a skin cancer.

3. Your skin is damp

Shaving your beard makes the pores in your skin open, which can cause wounds and irritations. In the summertime, it is especially visible when your skin loses its dampness. Having a beard can be beneficial here, in this case, because you can get rid of these problems. Your skin will be healthy and well too. We know that growing a beard can last for some time and requires a lot of patience from your side. It is worth to hydrate your skin with cosmetics that contain vitamin E, allantoin, and panthenol.

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4. Shaving and acne

Most of the time, if you nurture your beard with care, your skin under your beard is really soft. Did you know that shaving your beard too often may boost your skin to have acne or any other irritations to your skin? Many males have problems while shaving their beards. For example, rash, scrapes or cuts. Additionally, when there are pimples on your skin, shaving your beard becomes very difficult and harmful as well. So the best way is not to shave it too frequently, for your health.

5. Less risk of gums disease

Do you have a beard or a mustache? If so, they help keep the bacteria away from your mouth. Consequently, this has a direct impact on increasing the risk of getting gums disease. Of course, a beard is not a supplement for the hygiene of your oral cavity. It can only give you an additional protection that not all people have. So, although you have a beard, you need also to take care of your gums and teeth in order not to let them become a problem to you.

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6. Trust

A man who is self-confident seems to be more efficient in all aspects of life. Having a beard as a man gives him a feeling that he is strong and it also helps raise trust. Therefore, all those men who grow a beard may be prepared for a better day. On the other hand, growing a beard in the USA nowadays can mean expelling you from the army, firing you, disqualification from a boxing fight, elimination of taking part in the election or even considering you as a terrorist.

7. Less wrinkles

It's true; wrinkles are a sign that we are getting older. Sooner or later, everybody will experience having them, and there's no escape... However, if we care about our health and if we don't expose our face to sun rays too much, we can expect some positive results. We mean that avoiding exposing your face to the sun can result in fewer wrinkles than if you sunbath too much. It is well-known that frequently sunbathing makes your skin age faster. So, if you happen to have a beard or you are at the beginning of growing it, you don't have to be afraid of premature aging and wrinkles!

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8. Young forever

Having facial hair keeps your skin free from cancerous blemishes. In addition, you don't have to fight with discoloration of your skin or acne. A beard and a mustache effectively maintain the level of allergens. As a consequence, this has a positive impact on your overall health. Allergic men can think about having a beard. Why? Because a beard can be like a filter. It stops dust particles, and it works similar to nose hair. Although, it doesn't sound healthy, does it?

We know men's trends frequently change, but there is one trend that possibly will never come out of fashion. And that is a beard. Although there are females, who do not like when their guys have facial hair like a beard or a mustache, for most women it is a sign of masculinity. Men with beards look more attractive, stronger, serious and even nobler. Find it out for yourself, if you do not believe it. Take a look at the 9 Bollywood stars who look hot with a beard. The link is here down below:

Bollywood stars with beards

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