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Why the Kapoor family is so successful in Bollywood

In Bollywood, there are many acting families and stars, whose roots are rooted in the movie industry. Some talents and popularity are passed from generation to generation. It is no different with the name and family of the Kapoor clan where the legacy is taken care now by such stars like Karishma, Kareena or Ranbir. They have talented actors, directors, and producers with that name. And today you will know some more about this big family.

1. Prithviraj Kapoor

He was the one with whom everything started. He interrupted his law studies to pursue the dreams of acting and debuted in movies in 1929. Prithviraj played in about 100 movies and was considered the most handsome Indian actor of Pre-Independence India. Prithviraj married Ramsarni (Rama) when he was 18. They had six children - Raj Kapoor, Devi (died during childhood), Nandi (died during childhood), Shammi Kapoor, daughter Urmila Sial, and Shashi Kapoor. Sons of the couple took the legacy of their father and became very popular actors as well. Prithviraj passed away due to cancer on May 29, 1972. And Ramsarni died 16 days after for the same cause.

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2. Raj Kapoor

The eldest son of Prithviraj was a successful stage and movie actor as well as director. He was one of the highest paid actors of his time and is named the most important Indian film star of the 20th century together with Amitabh Bachchan. Although there were rumors about his many romances, he was married to his first cousin Krishna Malhotra. This wedding was arranged by the family and the couple had five children. Sons Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, and Rajiv Kapoor also became actors, but only the oldest two were successful.

3. Shammi Kapoor

Although he had hard beginnings in the movie industry, he finally gained a success and became a very popular stage and film actor. In April of 1955, during the filming of Rangin Raaten, Shammi met and fell in love with the very established actress, Geeta Bali. They got married four months later and had two children, a son, Aditya Raj and a daughter, Kanchan. After his wife died due to smallpox, Shammi married Neila Devi from the former royal family of Bhavnagar. They had no children but stayed together until his death. He suffered from chronic renal failure and died on August 14, 2011.

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4. Shashi Kapoor

The huge popular actor who passed away recently on December 5, 2017, was one of the leading romantic heroes of his time in the movie industry. He played in about 160 movies. When he was 18, he worked as an assistant stage manager for "Prithvi Theatre" and met Jennifer Kendal and fell in love quickly. Although the initial disapproval from Jennifer’s family, they got married in the traditional Indian style in Bombay. Later, they even acted together in a few movies. They have three children Kunal, Karan and Sanjana Kapoor.

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5. Randhir Kapoor

The eldest son of Raj Kapoor is not only a successful actor with movie hits but also one of the most influential men in Bollywood being the head of RK Studios in Chembur, Bombay. In 1971 he married Sindhi-speaking girlfriend, Babita, with whom he has two daughters. Both Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor are very successful and popular actresses right now. What's interesting is that due to many personal problems, Babita left Randhir in 1988 and reconciled with him only about 10 years later.

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6. Rishi Kapoor

The second son of Raj Kapoor starred in about 51 movies, but only 11 of them were hits. Rishi married his on-screen partner Neetu Singh on January 22, 1980. They were a popular movie couple in numerous movies, like Khel Khel Mein, Kabhie Kabhie or Amar Akbar Anthony. They have two children, Riddhima and Ranbir. The daughter is married to a Delhi-based businessman, and she is a renowned jewelry designer, while Ranbir Kapoor is a popular actor and one of the most eligible bachelors.

7. Rajiv Kapoor

The youngest son of Raj Kapoor did a remarkable performance in award-winning 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili' but did not achieve big success in the movie industry. He tried his strength as a producer and director as well but also with no success. Mostly he is known for being a member of a great family. In 2001, he got married to architect Aarti Sabharwal, but the couple divorced two years later. It is said that he was engaged to such actresses as Divya Rana, Trishna or Nagma.

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8. Kunal Kapoor

He is Shashi Kapoor’s son who also tried his chance in the movie industry, but without any big success. He is an actor and producer, best known for such productions like Ajooba, Jai Ho, and The Far Pavilions. Not that much luck he had also in personal life. He got married to Sheena Sippy, daughter of famous filmmaker Ramesh Sippy, in 1991. The couple has two children, son Zahaan and daughter Shaira. However, in 2004 the pair got divorced.

1. Prithviraj Kapoor

9. Karan Kapoor

The second son of Shashi Kapoor as his father wanted to be an actor. But he did only a few movies and disappeared from the film industry. Maybe this was because of his European look or due to the controversial interview that he gave in 1987 to Stardust magazine, where he blasted Bollywood. After this, he tried to work as a model and then became a professional photographer and lives in London with his wife Lorna, his daughter Aliya and son Zach.

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