Published 2017-12-13
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7 Reasons why women prefer naughty men

We can assume that it is not like that, but yes, dear ladies, we have a great weakness for bad boys. Even if we do not admit it ourselves, they're tempting to us. Research based on the statements of women showed that the incarnation of the male ideal for women is known from the screen as bad boys. The fact that we like guys from under the dark star has its justification. According to some research carried out, men who observe a subtle intensity of features such as those of clinically ill psychopaths, are liked by women more.

The occurrence of these tempting features of men is associated, among others, with self-confidence, risk-taking and nonconformity - explain people conducting the research. And they note that these are the quintessence of masculinity, hence the interest of women. And according to other studies, every fourth girl is looking for macho, in turn every third day dreams about passionate and turbulent erotic life. Is it really? Do you agree on that?

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1. Mystery

It is well known that the mysterious and undiscovered is what draws our attention the most. Because it becomes interesting and attractive. Bad boys are restrained, introverted, they do not talk much about feelings. That's why it's so intriguing to find out what's in their minds. Besides, there is no shortage of women who, for the point of honour, seduce a seemingly insurmountable man. Because what comes easy is usually underestimated. In the case of a mysterious man who has a naughty tendency, the woman gives off adrenaline. And this one makes us not be able to stop thinking about the bad boy. Right?

2. Masculinity

This is the feature to which we have a great weakness. Because what can be more important to a man than masculinity? The guys from under the dark star are without a doubt. A classic bad boy is a carelessly dressed handsome, with light beard and longer hair, which has a captivating smell and knows how to treat a woman. It is hard to find masculinity in a sleek, shaved, perfectly trimmed man who runs into a solarium instead of a gym. In fact, women love guys with blood and bones who have more important things to do than exaggerate care for their appearance. And besides, naughty men must be real men, because otherwise they would not be able to deal with many things.

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3. Erotism

We cling to bad boys like bees to honey, because we imagine them as absolute rulers of the bedroom. And there is something de facto in this. Bad boy is a boy who has survived a lot - he may even have gone astray, but thanks to this he has gained invaluable experience, also in the erotic sphere. A bad guy is not afraid of any woman. The bad guy knows where and how he should touch her, make her feel fantastic. The bad guy loves the female body and adores them. The bad guy loves to experiment, he is open to new challenges, he will appreciate a woman who - like him - loves sex. And finally: dear ladies, a bad boy is just great in bed.

4. Affirmation of life

Good boys spend the majority of their lives in a close neighborhood, because they are afraid to reach for more. They do not tempt fate, they do not risk it. And it's hard to blame them, because they just have character. But to a bad man a stationary lifestyle is completely unlike. They are still running somewhere, they have a horned soul, they love to discover the unknown, to fight their own weaknesses, to check themselves, to take what's best, to live for the moment. There is no place for boredom in their lives. Is this just not very exciting in them? Relationship with a bad boy is a crazy rollercoaster ride - maybe a bit risky, but certainly unique and full of emotions.

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5. Go-aheadness

Bad boys can sometimes have problems with the law or they are not always punished and obedient, but they can not be denied. They are open-minded, self-confident men who will first take you on a crazy ride in a sports car, and then they will laugh you in tears telling a great joke. Attractive in bad boys is that their lives are full of surprises - and most importantly, they are doing everything to make each day not even similar to the previous one. We love bad boys because we love great guys. Do you agree?

Although good men are maybe better for women, we need to admit that, anyway, we like bad guys, no matter how old we are. But tying a bad guy involves a lot of risk. Peter Jonason of the State University of New Mexico in Las Cruces notes that men who have a horned soul are more likely to look for fleeting relationships and, as a consequence, they have more partners. That's why if you fall in love with a bad boy - enjoy life, but beware.

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6. Challenge

Another reason is the challenge. Women like to play with men and entrap them. Meanwhile, the bad boy does not want to give control over himself. The matter then becomes a huge challenge for a woman. It is even worse, when the bad boy finally succumbs and goes under his partner's slipper. Then it will start to be boring and it will remind of other guys, and his woman will start looking for a new goal...

7. Naughty men always grab attention

Naughty men have the ability to take over a room full of people with their humour and charm. They can leave both men and women guessing over what they are coming up with next! This naturally makes them very popular- a quality that almost all women want in their man. Women always are attracted to witty, funny and smart guys. A guy with a nice sense of humour always draws women attention, doesn't he?

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