Published 2017-12-13
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7 Tricks that will save us a lot of money...

If you saw a $20 bill on the sidewalk while you're walking, you'd probably be inclined to pick it up, right? Well, without much more effort than that, you can save at least that (or probably much more) if you help yourself with tricks of daily life. The details are what make the difference in the real result. And it is that fixing things instead of throwing them or looking for homemade ways to solve your problems will make you richer at the end of the year...
Don’t you believe us? Start reading these 7 "Life Hacks" and check it…

1. New shoes

1. New shoes

The first thing we are going to talk about is a sporty (or normal) footwear which we should know a simple method to keep it neat. We all know how expensive can sportswear be! If you have just bought a pair of tennis shoes and they have been soiled by the terrible trace of mud or other unpleasant things, try using toothpaste, as it can leave the surface of your shoes untouched. Just spread it out and rub with the help of a brush on the affected areas, let it sit for two hours and rinse it with water...

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2. Wet phone

This item is also one of the most expensive ones that you cannot easily let go of if something happens to it! Accidents with cell phones are one of the main reasons why they are damaged and we are forced to acquire a new one. However, many do not know that they can return their electronic device to life with the help of rice if they have been wetted. The first thing you will have to do is disconnect it and open it. Then you must bury it in a large quantity of the rice seeds overnight to absorb the moisture…

3. Chewing gum stains

There is no more unpleasant mark on clothing than that of a chewing gum. It has happened to all of us at least once in our life to have come in contact with chewing gum that was on the floor or on the seat of the class we were occupying. These elements are composed of a very sticky material and that seems to resist when it comes to removing them. The most effective way is to freeze them by passing an ice cube on the surface, so the gum will take off once and for all…

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4. Permanent marks

The indelible drawing accessories can be something impossible to clean with a lot of soap or detergent products that are applied. However, the ink has a weak point that can be found in the majority of first aid kits in our homes. You just have to grab a cotton ball and cover it with ethyl alcohol. With what you have created, you will rub the impregnated area and after a few seconds, you will see how it goes. Magic right?!

5. Rust

Instead of throwing the next metal object that you have that is covered by this chemical compound called rust, you can try the wonderful process that we offer you. It is as simple as filling a container that fits the utensil to modify Coca-Cola and leave it for a day. It seems impossible, but the effect of this drink will remove most of the waste originated in it. Simple, right?

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6. Marker stain

Marker stains are very difficult to remove in certain types of clothing. And it is that no matter how much you rub it, seems that they will never disappear. However, here we give you a "magic formula" with which you can fight them quickly: on prints that are left on the textile you need these, deposit bicarbonate and soap for the hands, as well as lemon juice. Rub them all gently and let it stand for a few hours. Then put the garment in the washing machine and you will see an excellent advanced result …

7. Dirty mobile

Smartphones are almost always with us and are prone to getting dirty if we have them around while we eat. In order for these remains not to damage the camera or the useful holes of your phone, rub where you want it to stay perfect with an eraser.
So we come to the end of our article, we hope it has inspired you or at least entertained you.
Now you are the master of DIY tasks! What do you think?

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