Published 2017-12-15
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9 Signs that you are affected by negative ENERGY!

2. Miss the good side

When the negative energy fills you up, all you see is the dark side of everything and the negative side of it which will lead you to live a miserable life. You cannot find the good sides in anything because all you think about is this and how by doing this, you will lose so many things! If you do not stop this, you won’t be able to take a step, one single step forward! Think about that and try to find a way out.

2. Miss the good side

3. Stressed

When you are constantly stressed for no apparent reason something is wrong. Look for the source and see where it is rooted because you need to stop that negative energy or you will be living every single day not knowing what it is that is worrying you so much. The life will go on so fast, within a blink, before your eyes before you are able to catch it!

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3. Stressed
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