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Numerology of relationship for people with the birth number 8

In this series, we use men's and women's personal numerology and their personality description based on this vibration to know and specify how an individual behaves in relationships and what emotions drive people when they are in a couple. According to the numerology, you can predict with which numbers you should create a happy couple and which ones should be avoided. Some of them fit naturally to each other, and some do not. Check it out in our article...
Remember, to calculate your birth number sum all the digits of your birth date, until one digit is left.


This relationship requires a lot of work if it must be successful. Both partners tend to dominate and leadership although they show it in very different ways. The One likes to be admired, accepted and adored, while the Eight requires complete subordination. This will work, only if you meet your partner's needs in this topic you. This way you will create a very solid relationship; full of ambition, energy, and opportunities. For you, the partnership should be the most important. You are both very firm, so remember about the openness and acceptance.

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People in such a relationship will achieve material success because they both work together to achieve their goals. The Two is diplomatic and has great intuition, while the Eight is hardworking and well organized. Because of their mutual complementation, their relationship will be effective and will bring them many benefits. The Two will learn self-confidence and the Eight will learn the taste of love and affection. People with these birth numbers are great partners in a relationship and in business.


This is a type of a relationship that can be successful and profitable only when the Three will agree to take the domination and care of the Eight. While the person born with number Three is cheerful and carefree, the Eight will provide the material stability, calm and safety to the home. This couple might leave in harmony and happiness if the Three allows her partner to be a leader. For the Eight it is natural order, even if the Three will protest at the beginning…

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People with these birth numbers create a couple who perfectly cope in the material world because both partners have similar goals and ways to achieve them. They work similarly and they communicate well. Thanks to mutual work they are able to achieve success, which will bring the sense of security for the Four, and the satisfaction and the feeling of strength for the Eight. After the partners will achieve material stability, they will soon begin to deepen the spiritual sphere.


The relationship of people with this numerology will have a future only if they are mature enough to trust each other and keep their independence. Both partners have to know what they want from life and what they represent, otherwise, their relationship will be a waste of time and energy. In this duo, the Five will be attracted by the power of the Eight, but the Eight may over time have enough of how the Five is heavily dependent on her. A person with number Eight vibration also has a tendency to dominate, which can be frightened for the Five who loves her freedom.

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People with these birth numbers can create two possible types of relations. The first one means the duo of mature people who know what they want from life and will have a strong relationship. This couple will be solid and no problems will change their attitude. The second kind of relationship is the one where there are conflicts. The Six who lives with ideas will accuse the Eight of materialism. In this case, the Six should accept the effectiveness and skills in managing of the partner, while the Eight should accept the idealism and values that her partner is guided by.


The relationship of people with these birth numbers requires a lot of work because both partners have as many things in common as opposites. Both individuals want to discover the spiritual world, but they do it in a different way. They both strive for freedom, but the Seven rejects the material world, while the Eight wants to take possession of it. This relationship may have a chance to be good only if the Seven can appreciate it's partner's courage and effectiveness, while the Eight can see, understand and view the world of it's beloved.

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It is a combination of two very strong personalities, which is why there are two types of their relationship. Partners with this birth number are demanding and dominant, so they will either support and motivate each other or constantly compete and fight. Either you will be exciting and matched couple, or your duet will prove a defeat in both love and business. If this relationship has to succeed, partners must agree on a common goal and join forces to achieve it. Then each plan will come true.


People with these birth numbers create a solid, fascinating and creative relationship. Both partners inspire each other and get a lot from the relationship. The problem can only arise when the Eight is not willing to develop further. And the Nine must learn to accept the authority of the Eight, appreciate her knowledge and leadership skills. Only when they both come to an agreement in this field their relationship will strengthen.

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Megha Satheesh
Megha Satheesh 12/18/17, 7:06 AM
It's very difficult to have relationships with 8. Very nice post. May be I would be in bit higher consciousness I would not have losed many relationships. 4 and 8 I think is best couple for 8.
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